/5 Things You Didn’t Know About Erectile Dysfunction
5 Things You Didn't Know Erectile Dysfunction

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is typified by the inability to get it up or maintain an erection long enough to enjoy intercourse for a desired period of time. While this may happen on the odd occasion, if you are experiencing bouts of erectile dysfunction it may indicate an underlying issue. Here are 5interesting facts that you didn’t know about erectile dysfunction


1.    It can happen at any stage of life


Erectile dysfunction isn’t just for the very old – on the contrary. Erectile dysfunction can happen at any stage of your life, whether you’re 25 or 45, 18 or 75, or it may never happen at all. The myth that erectile dysfunction only happens to old men is simply because it is more common among older men due to age-related physical health issues. However even for the young you may have physical health issues, such as diabetes, or follow on effects from the use of some medications. For younger people, erectile dysfunction may also come about from psychosomatic issues, such as stress or anxiety.


2. It may be able to be treated by a psychologist


If your erectile dysfunction stems from a psychological issue rather than a physical one, you may be able to treat the condition by having cognitive therapy sessions, to help deal with the psychological issues that are holding you back from performing as you would like to. Weekly sessions of cognitive therapy can help to set you back on the right path, either with or without medicinal help.

3. Medicines can help treat the issue too

5 Things You Didn't Know About Erectile Dysfunction


While medicines won’t cure any underlying issues that may be affecting your erectile dysfunction, what they can do is provide physical help to the area. Medicines like Viagra help by increasing blow flow to the penis, which can give you a strong erection that lasts longer. These sort of medicines need to be prescribed by doctors, and the instructions need to be followed carefully, as they can be dangerous for some people and they have important drug contraindications that need to be avoided so your health isn’t adversely affected.

4. Getting healthy can potentially help


If you have health issues from being unhealthy, or even just if you’re overweight, unfit, and eating poorly, these can all affect your ability to perform in the bedroom. If you’ve never had the desire to get fit and find yourself with erectile dysfunction, this could be the kick you need to get yourself into shape. After all, isn’t your sex life important to you? Important to your partner? Set yourself a diet and exercise routine to whip yourself into shape, or, if you’re having motivational issues, get yourself a nutritionist and a personal trainer. You might just find that getting into shape will help solve your troubles. Even if it doesn’t, there are other options, and you’ll already be feeling better about yourself from getting fit!


5. You might benefit from couples counselling


Could your partner also be part of the reason that you’re not getting up to task? If your partner is mocking or making you feel inferior because of your issue, then this will often make things worse. Consider how your partner is making you feel about your erectile dysfunction and whether it may be a secondary instigating factor. If this is the case then you will likely benefit from couple’s counselling to help address this side of things.

The most important thing to remember about erectile dysfunction is that it can be treated. Even if you have lived with it for many years, there is still light at the end of the rainbow. Making sure that you head to a doctor to help diagnose what’s going on and how you can treat it is paramount to enjoying your sex life again. And everyone deserves a full and healthy sex life – don’t you think? Book a consultation today to get you back on track to enjoying your life more.

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