/8 Things to Do If You Forget Someone Special’s Birthday
Things to Do If You Forget Someone Special's Birthday

8 Things to Do If You Forget Someone Special’s Birthday


Ahhh, of course I’m joking. We all forget birthdays at some point in our lives. Even if you’re really careful and keep calendar dates of all your family and friends’ birthdays, chances are that at some point in time you lose your phone, and lose your calendar because you forgot to cloud it, or you’re on holidays and the time zones are different.

Plus, for everyone else, we’re even more likely to forget a date. This particularly goes for folks who don’t like to advertise their upcoming birthdays. You won’t hear a peep out of them until someone else tells you about it or they remark that nobody remembered!

With Facebook, it’s become easy to see who’s birthdays are today, but what if not everyone is on Facebook? And some of us just don’t like to check it every day! Some people even put a fake birthday on their accounts for some reason… Hey, don’t ask me why.

So, let’s get back to it, and check out what to do if you missed that special someone’s birthday…

8 Things to Do If You Forget Someone Special's Birthday

Speak to them straight away to wish them a belated happy birthday

Better late than never they saying goes! If you’ve missed a birthday, the best thing to do is to acknowledge it straight away. Pick up the phone and call, or better yet, see them in person. If you know they’ll be busy or sleeping, send a happy birthday text asking when is a good time to call.

Arrange a get together just the two of you

You know what people you really love enjoy doing? Hanging out with you! If you’ve missed a birthday party and not just the day itself, then arrange for a get together to catch up – your treat – whenever they have available. Get together for a couple of hours, perhaps for coffee or a meal to have a proper catch up on all the gossip.

Send a couriered gift like a gift basket

The great thing about couriered gifts like gift baskets is that they arrive to someone’s doorstep in no time flat. You don’t have to wait for ridiculous shipping times, like you have to with other popular websites. Your special someone will know that you’ve remembered, and not feel a bit odd about receiving a pressie two weeks down the track.

Make sure to write it in your calendar for next year

If their birthday isn’t in your calendar, then mark it there – for good. You can use cloud services across your devices, whether they’re Apple, Android, or Windows, and sync up calendars to ensure that you never forget their birthday again, even if you do lose your phone!

Check to see if you’ve forgotten anyone else’s birthday, too

They say that bad luck comes in 3s, so make sure that you haven’t just missed 3 special people’s birthdays by mistake! Perhaps you’ve been really busy with work recently, or on holidays, when these sort of things can slip your mind. Double check to make sure that this is just a one off thing.

Remember that others forget your birthday sometimes

We’re all prone to it, so don’t beat yourself up too badly about missing your special loved one’s birthday. Chances are, someone very close to you has forgotten yours at some point in time too! We’re all human, and none of us have perfect memories or systems in place for remembering things. You should try to move on from this quickly. You don’t need to bring it up multiple times in conversation with others for weeks because you’re feeling badly – it’s really not necessary given the lack of severity of the memory crime.

Make a bit of a fuss over them at their next big occasion

Whether it’s a job promotion, a new baby, or a housewarming, putting in that little bit of extra attention at their next big occasion can go a long way. This shows that it’s not because they are not important to you and that you really care about the big events in their lives, no matter what they are.

Say it with food or booze

There’s not many people that aren’t welcomed by the sight of a nice bottle of wine, array of choccies, or a tasty wheel of cheese for a present – at least if they’re an adult. Choose some tasty food and beverages in your gift selection, which are also easy to add to a gift hamper for that couriered service.

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