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A Close Look at Dieselcraft Products

Dieselcraft is a Technology Company that has been developing engine oil and fuel cleaning equipment for more than fifteen years. Since its establishment in 2002, the American company has built a strong client base globally setting up distribution centres not only in the US but also in the UK, Canada, India, South Africa, Spain, Israel, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

Basically, Dieselcraft specializes in the development of products that enhance the performance of fuels and oils in your engine. The company’s aim is to reduce the engine’s operating costs and improve the
overall performance quality of the engine. In this article, we have highlighted some of the products available to you that have been developed by Dieselcraft.

Bypass Oil Filtration System

Dieselcraft have developed a unique oil filtration system that uses centrifuges in place of oil filters. This system has shown astounding results in improving engine performance and length of intervals between oil changes. The system also saves you money because you don’t need to buy new filters every time you change the oil since the centrifuge does not use filtration membranes. Dieselcraft Centrifuges have been successfully deployed in several applications from pickup trucks to heavy duty marine and industrial systems all over the world.

How the Bypass Oil Cleaning Centrifuge Works

The bypass oil cleaning centrifuge has a straight forward operation regime; it is spun by pressure from the engine and generates a centrifugal force of up to 2,000 times the force of gravity. This force pushes impurities as small as 1 micron out of the oil depositing them on the inner walls of the rotor where they can easily be cleaned out. 

Ordinary engines use full-flow filters which are only capable of extracting particles of up to 25 microns. These are only 80%effective because 20% of the solid oil contaminants are smaller than 25 microns and can cause between 50% and 77% of engine wear, especially in close to clean metal parts.

When centrifuges take out impurities from the oils, they continue to operate at optimal levels because the dirt is slung away from its operational parts. Filters, on the other hand, collect the impurities on the filtration membrane and are rendered inefficient after the accumulation of a lot of dirt causing blockages in the lubrication system of the engine. In this way, the centrifuge system is able to double the lifespan of your engine oil and save on your maintenance costs.

Oil Filtration System

Fuel Test Kits

The first step towards the solution of any challenge in your engine is to get an accurate diagnosis that can detect the root cause of the problem. Dieselcraft Fuel Test Kits are excellent at early diagnosis of engine faults before they cause serious damage to expensive components of your machine. Moreover, early detection helps you to save on the cost of spare parts and reduce the machine’s downtime because it gives you a chance to plan and purchase any components necessary before you schedule the maintenance operation. Dieselcraft has a wide range of fuel test kits; here are a few of them.

  1. DS-1 TestKit is specially designed to test for bacteria or mould in the fuel. It works for any fuel and can detect fuel microbes between 24 and 36 hours of exposure.
  2. W-5 Water in Fuel Test Kit detects the smallest amount of suspended water in diesel. Each test kit consists of five test tubes which have a reaction powder in the mand a pipette for transferring the fuel. When exposed to fuel that contains water, the powder turns pink and the fuel sample fails the test. If you have anything more than 600 ppm water in the fuel, then the test powder will them pink.
  3. FT-100 Diesel Fuel Water Content & FuelClarity Test

This is a two-in-one non-toxic test that is based on ASTM D4176 standard and is suitable for testing diesel, Biodiesel Blends and Heating Oil among others.

The first part of the test is the FuelClarity Test where a fuel sample is poured into a specially designed test jar that has five indicator markings on the inside. If all the markings are visible through the fuel, then it passes the test but if the fuel is cloudy, the markings disappear and the sample fails. The second part is a Fuel WaterContent Test which works much like the W-5 Water in Fuel Test discussed above. 


Dieselcraft has many more products available that we cannot exhaust here and all are aimed at saving operational costs for their clients. Some of the products to look out for are the fuel-water separators and portable fuel polishing systems. Dieselcraft’s success is based on them to consistently create high-quality cost-saving solutions for the engine oil and fuel industry.

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