/Add Some Style Your BBQ Area With These Tips

Add Some Style Your BBQ Area With These Tips

After a long tiring week, a barbecue sets the perfect mood to relax and catch up with family and friends. The weekends are always the perfect time to fill the air with the sweet smell of roasted meat and the friendly chatter of friends. Barbecues have a come a long way from the dusty basic charcoal grills that were only rolled out for occasional summer cookouts. Currently, most grills are on a year-round use and some homeowners have gone as far as turning barbecue areas into permanent outdoor kitchens. Barbecue areas are definitely an extension of the house. Staying true to the words of William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”, here are some tips to style your BBQ area.

Get The Right Grill

The grill is the centerpiece in a BBQ area. Without it, your BBQ area is simply an empty patio or a backyard. Therefore, getting an aesthetically appealing BBQ saves you a lot of work in styling your BBQ area. There are different types of barbecue models varying in size and design.One of the most famous designs is the Weber kettle BBQ. It’s a top-sellingmedium-sized BBQ with a traditional design that seamlessly blends in with any BBQ space. If you are looking for more grill capacity, outdoor kitchen styled barbecues may be the best selection. They have huge grilling space and come with inbuilt storage units and other accessories. The Beefeater BBQ and Masport Ambassador are one of the leading brands in outdoor kitchen barbecue units. Moreover, some units come in different colours, therefore, your styling options are unlimited.

Light It Up

Nothing matches up to a barbecue under the night sky. Nonetheless, proper lighting is crucial to bring out the perfect ambiance for an evening barbecue. Before getting lost in decorative ambient lighting, it’s important to illuminate the main barbecue area. Direct light over the BBQ fulfills a great functional purpose. Multi-directional lights eliminate shadow disturbance and ensure the grilling experience is enjoyable. The layout of your lighting installations is dependent on the size of your backyard or garden. Large areas benefit more from landscape lighting that highlight standout features. On the other hand, small BBQ areas require a lot of creativity when selecting the layout for the lights. You can think out of the box and set up wine bottle lights or fairy lights to make your set up unique. Candles are also a great lighting alternative especially for intimate gatherings.

Spice Up Your Seating

When it comes to outdoor seating the options are unlimited. However, prudence dictates opting for easy care seats. Such seats allow you to enjoy your BBQ area instead of spending time maintaining them. Most cedar, teak, metal and all-weather wicker pieces are unfazed by whatever nature throws their way. With the right seats, you can enjoy years of service. As for the design of the seats, the options are endless. A bench seating is the best traditional barbecue seating arrangement. Tall stools around a tall table encourage people to chat as the cook attends to the barbecue. On the other hand, beanbags welcome an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Section sofas also make good BBQ seats. They can be arrange to suit any occasion. Nonetheless, an investment in cushions is guaranteed to heighten the diversity in your interior design.

Stick To Safe And Durable Surfaces

Outdoor cooking has its own set of dangers. Your barbecue is guaranteed to host the elderly, the drunk and small children. To avoid slips and injuries, surfaces in the BBQ area need a non-slip floor coating. Considering the BBQ area is often exposed to the elements, only tough materials should be used. As for your bench-top, wood, stone, steel and concrete are guaranteed to last for years. Moreover, the maintenance costs are low.

Appliances For All Seasons

Save yourself trips to the kitchen with an outdoor bar fridge.  A mini-fridge is enough for regular outdoor entertainers. The beer supply will not run out and any extra meat can be retrieved from the fridge. However, only durable fridges should be used for outdoor purposes.

Spice It Up With Plants

Barbecuing has always been an outdoor activity and nothing shouts outdoor more than a potted plant or a mini-garden. Potted plants and flowers are subtle but effective in accentuating the beauty of a BBQ area. Plants blend seamlessly into the outdoor environment and set the right mood to enjoy a well-made barbecue. Moreover, nature’s relaxing attributes make outdoor barbecues pleasurable. If you are in an apartment building, plants can make your balcony have an outdoor feel.

Barbecue Entertainment Centre

An entertainment centre is perfect for mixing a couple of social occasions up. A simple TV installation or a projector set up accompanied with a couple of burgers and chicken kebabs on the grill are bound to make your movie nights unforgettable. If you only prefer music, set up a sound system around the barbecue area to keep your friends and family entertained as they enjoy a weekend barbecue.

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