/Advantages of Having Roller Shutters in Your Home
Advantages of Having Roller Shutters in Your Home

Advantages of Having Roller Shutters in Your Home

You probably think shutters are strictly for retail stores, but there are lots of reasons to use roller shutters in your house. Theyre discreet, attractive, and they offer a wide range of styling options. Lets look at a few benefits that roller shutters can bring to your home.

Roller shutters are retractable. You can pull them down when you need to use them, and when you want your space wide open, they will neatly tuck into their pelmet box. Shutters can be retracted by hand, or you can adjust your electrical system and install a switch, button, or remote.

If you have balcony or semi-outdoor space, you can fence it inby adding roller shutters. This has the advantage of giving you more room to entertain. The shutter partially weather-proofs the area, so that you can use it at night, but it still leaves the space airy enough to maintain the outdoorsy feel.

Shutters are much easier to clean than curtains. Curtains will need laundering or dry-cleaning, and you have to wait for them to dry. They can also get musty in humid weather. With shutters, you just wipe the dust off using a damp cloth. If you wait too long between washes and they get grimy, you can clean the shutters with a soft brush and warm soapy water.


Benefits of Having Roller Shuter At Home


Unlike curtains which can still give outsiders access if they shatter the windows, roller shutters are secure. The solid polycarbonate takes quite a bit of effort to break. Plus, they come with lockable aluminium bars that can be operated both internally and externally. That means you can either lock yourself in at night or lock it from the outside when you leave. If youre still uneasy, you can galvanise your lock with a heavy duty bottom rail.

Roller shutters are quite versatile. You can select one that fits a single window or one that covers an entire wall. The maximum shutter width is 4 metres. That doesnt sound like much, but it covers a space of up to 10 square metres, which is large enough to enclose a patio. Shutters are also versatile in terms of style. They can be plain, painted, or powder coated, and they often come in neutral shades that blend into any scheme of décor.

Roller shutters are easily adjusted for visibility. When you want some fresh air, more natural light, or a discreet way to check out the neighbours new car, you can leave the slats partially open. The neighbours are unlikely to spot you peeping through shutters. It much easier to notice the tell-tale twitch of a fabric curtain.

When theyre closed, roller shutters offer three distinct advantages over fabric options. They let in less external light and noise. They also give no access to peeping toms. And they give the inside of your home an equal layer of protection, essentially soundproofing your space and muting the conversations that float out.

Longevity is a clear advantage of roller shutters. They might fade like curtains eventually do, but a quick repaint or varnish will take of that. And even the best fabric curtains eventually disintegrate, rip, or get destroyed by mould. In comparison, shutters are forever. And you dont have to struggle to put them up or matching them with your sofas. Its a technical one-off job that the installers will handle for you.

Finally, roller shutters make a good thermostat. When its cold, they can retain internal heat while keeping out the chilly winds and flakes of snow. And when its too hot outside, you can open the shutter slats or retract it completely and let in the summer breeze.

These are just a few reasons why many homeowners are making the switch to roller shutters. If youre not convinced yet, check out your local shutter supplier, or have a look online to see whats available. You just might spot something you like.