/The More Anxious He Is, the Worse His Performance Becomes

The More Anxious He Is, the Worse His Performance Becomes

As sex plays an important part in our love life it is certainly supposed to be enjoyable. But a great number of men put themselves under pressure and worry about their sexual performance and the anxiety sometimes leads to physical responses such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation making it difficult for them to enjoy lovemaking. Performance anxiety is a common issue amongst men of all ages and a lot can be caused by various concerns such as not being able to fully satisfy the partner, body issues, worries about penis’ size and dysfunction problems. These self-doubts often lead to the male partner experiencing low self-esteem and the lack of confidence might turn into physical symptoms such as erectile dysfunction as research has found, that the ability to perform sexually is closely linked to a men’s state of mind.

Although sexual dysfunction is associated with nerve damage and imbalanced hormone levels, is also often related to performance anxiety as negative thoughts might influence the physical ability to please a partner and in consequence ED occurs.Not only will these worries make patients suffering from a sexual dysfunction less likely willing to engage in sex, from a biological point of view anxiety also releases stress hormones which will narrow blood vessels which are essential for blood flow to the penis to keep it erect during the act. If the male partner can’t keep his penis erect, this occurrence might lead to a cycle of troubles as the inability often causes more anxiety. Hence performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction are linked to each other in many ways.

Men suffering from ED sometimes lose their entire interest in sex as they are too stressed about satisfying their partner or have lost the inability to orgasm themselves. If men think they failed to satisfy sexually and not see it as a normal event – if the dysfunction is not reoccurring – they might stress this much over it they cause ED to continue throughout their lives. It is therefore important that the person suffering from a premature ejaculation gets to the cause rather than spend time pondering the symptoms to be able to enjoy a healthy sex life again.

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As performance anxiety can often rule a men’s thoughts it is best to start communicating with the partner first even if it’s an uncomfortable topic. A lot of times when concerns are verbally outspoken it takes off the nervousness before and during sex and often the partner can calm the patient down knowing about his condition as it is far from uncommon for men to experience. Worrying about sexual performance at some point is normal in every man’s life. Whether it’s the first night with the new girlfriend, a wedding anniversary or the weekend trip that was booked a long time ago. Men are often under pressure to appear sexually competent and are often seen as manly when it comes to sexual achievements stamina and this is why it is sometimes complicated to manage expectations in their minds and a consistent thought pattern develops leading to performance anxiety.

It is often essential for the man to know that he can keep an erection, how long he will be able to keep it and how many times he will make his partner orgasm. Men often have high expectations when it comes to sexual performance such as unrealistic desires of having to make the partner orgasm multiple times hence sex therapy often tries to work out emotional issues such as how safe one feels with this partner, if he thinks the relationship is at stake if he doesn’t meet his expectations and why the worries overcome the desire to engage in sex at all as anxiety often originates in the mind and not in the physical disability of so-called erectile dysfunction.

There are also cases where a doctor should get involved if performance anxiety gets worse and erectile dysfunction appears more frequently. A physical exam and blood test can be made to rule out any severe sicknesses and help identify a physical cause behind the disorder. The trained professional will also provide help in managing performance anxiety and for many men, sexual therapy is helpful or medical treatment given to alleviate symptoms and encourage a healthy sex life with positive experiences.

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