/Banners and why you should use them for your business

Banners and why you should use them for your business

Banners are a not only easy but an effective way to attract people to your business, it is also affordable. If placed in the right locations and with engaging graphics, you can get people to pop in and see what you have on offer. We may live in the digital age, but there are still plenty of people who prefer using banners and simpler forms of advertising. Most of the times, simpler is just more effective.

With the right kind of banner, you can attract people who didn’t even know that they were looking for what you had to offer. Nothing beats a beautifully designed banner stand outside your business or exhibition or trade show. Another great advantage of banners are that they are light weight, portable and affordable.

Take into consideration where you place your banner, you want it in a high foot traffic area where it is going to reach potential customers all day long. When coupled with the right graphics and text banner a truly an effective way of reaching your target audience. 

Listed are some great options of banners available at Display Systems Australia:

1.   Bannerbug

BannerBug® is made in Australia but world-renowned. This retractable banner is modern and sleek with a stylish edge. It is easy to set up and can be done in seconds.

2.   Bannerbug-Black

BannerBug® but this time in black. Same quality just the darker version of an incredible product.

3.   Bannerbug-Media-Wall

The big brother of the BannerBug®. Mounted on the wall to get the message of your presentation or exhibition across and doing it in a modern and classic manner.

4.   Deskbug

Weighing only 1kg the Deskbug is a small banner that can be used on a tabletop. Perfect for desks, reception areas or display windows.

5.   DS-X Frame

If your budget is limited or you may just be starting out and wanting to advertise by using banners, then the DS-X Frame is your answer. Easy to set up and lightweight. There are three sizes available, which depends on what type of style you are looking to achieve.  

The right banner stand or setup will do wonders for any business or service that you have to offer. As long as you make sure you advertise it in the proper manner, you cannot go wrong.

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