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Best Additions to Your Alfresco Space

Alfresco spaces may be one of the ways in which you can make your space homelier. Modern Alfresco designs are ideal in extending your household space yet maintaining the outdoor feel. However, just like your main house, they may need some accessories and additions here and there to complete their look and make them cosier. In this article, we’ll be looking at which additions you should prioritise in improving your alfresco space.

Privacy Screens

Perhaps the first addition to consider when assessing how to improve your alfresco space, privacy screens have numerous benefits. The primary benefit of these screens is in improving your privacy. This may help in blocking out the alfresco from the view of passers-by. Other than assisting in preserving your privacy, privacy screens have other advantages. Generally, privacy screens improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space overall by making it appear less empty. They can also improve general security by keeping your possessions generally hidden from the public eye.

Another passive benefit is assistance in maintaining temperature. During the hot seasons, privacy screens can marginally cover your space from the sun and so lower the heat transferred onto your alfresco space. Likewise, during the cold season, the privacy screens can marginally reduce heat loss from your space to the surrounding environment, leading to better heat retention. Finally, these screens are very low maintenance and should not give you any problems aside from the need to regularly clean them.


These may be the next addition for you to consider for your alfresco space. Primarily, these act as a safety feature for you alfresco space especially if your alfresco space is elevated from the ground. This can be used to ensure your children or your pets do not fall over the space. One need only install the handrails at a reasonable height to ensure that young children do not fall over. Another consideration may be the distance in between the individual railings – one should ascertain that the railings are fairly close to ensure that your children cannot pass through the railings.

Furthermore, they may add general security to your space by making your space more exclusive and making it harder for trespassers and animals to wander into your outdoor space. These additions also provide great variety to homeowners and so you can easily find a handrail that fits the aesthetic you’re looking for. One can also add finishing to the handrails such as a wooden top that acts as a faux – table for your drinks and adds more space to your outdoor space. Handrails are also quite easy to maintain, with regular cleaning being the primary maintenance needed.


Another addition you may want to consider is the lighting for your alfresco space. This will be useful for visibility during the evenings. You may add variable light variants which supply light to your alfresco space depending on the lighting outside: – if there is a lot of light (during the daytime), the lights are dull. During the evening when it’s darker, the intensity of the light increases and so assists in adding visibility. Generally, you may want to consider LED lights as they provide bright light which may be best during night time.