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Christmas Gift Hampers

Best Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas for Dad

Christmas gift ideas for dads are not easy to come by. Dads often purchase for themselves the most unexpected of items.  And should you try to ask them what kind of gift item would make them happy, they will most likely politely turn you down, with a “don’t waste your money, I have everything I need right here.” Exasperating isn’t it?  It is not easy to figure out what type of gift would put a big smile on a dad’s face. However, that has never stopped the ardent gift giver from surprising these amazing men who mean the world to them.

Now that the festive season is upon us once more, you are most probably thinking of a gift idea beyond the tie and pairs of socks. Something extraordinary and meaningful. Something that will make dad’s face light up. Well, this Christmas, you can buy your father, uncles, grandpa, brothers or close male friends, Christmas gift hampers that say all the beautiful things you want them to say. 

Special one of a kind festive season Christmas gift hampers are perfect for dads because they are very versatile gifts. You do not need to buy one gift, just think of your overarching theme then pick a gift basket that corresponds to it. Christmas gift hampers with thoughtful gift items, and a touch of personalisation are elegant and are top-notch gift items that are sure to please any day out there. Some of the most versatile Christmas gift hampers out there include;

Best Xmas gift hampers for dads

  • If your dad loves his alcohol tasteful and memorable, then he is an ale kind of man. Ales have quickly become all the rage as mass-produced beers take a backseat, and the Wooden Beer Caddy with Sweet Treats has four types of fantastic ales. It, for instance, has the Mountain Goat Steam Ale, a certified organic ale. The name Mountain Goat has a promise in it, that is definitely fulfilled in this crisp Citra and Cascade hops drink with a zippy and fresh finish.  The Xmas gift hamper also has some additive and preservative-free Pale ale from Little Creatures.  This easy to drink ale is full-bodied, flavorful, and bursting with a hop driven aroma, that will leave your dad’s tastebuds tingling and asking for more. The gift hamper also has a bottle of White Rabbit White Ale and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. Your dad will also receive some rich fudge and gingerbread from rich Divine Caramel and Adri’s, respectively. These Christmas gift hampers come with a bottle opener and are placed in a memorable raw, rustic wood beer caddy. 
  • Should you want to stick to the tradition and throw in some good old socks, why not purchase the 5 Beers and 5 Socks Xmas gift hampers? This beer and socks hamper has five types of refreshing ales and five pairs of dapper Sir Sock socks. There is a packet delectable Wasabi peanuts from Simon Johnson to boot.

However, if your dad is the master of the barbie, then he will love the Master BBQ Chef Christmas gift hamper. It has all he needs to set up a sumptuous Boxing Day feast for the whole family, including some splendid roasted red pepper salsa from Gran Luchito and some barbeque sauce from Lillie’s.

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