/Your Best Options for Getting the Family to the Airport this Easter Holiday

Your Best Options for Getting the Family to the Airport this Easter Holiday

If you’ll be flying with family members for the upcoming Easter holiday, make sure you plan your transportation to and from the airport in advance to avoid the stress and hassle of making last minute arrangements. If you’re like many Easter travelers, you’ll be looking to fly out Friday evening after work and return on Monday in order to be back in the office for Tuesday morning. Because this is such a popular travel timeframe, the airport and many of the transportation options to get there will be packed with other travelers hurrying to reach their destination.

Because of the business at the airport and the related transportation services, you’ll want to make sure to plan your travel in advance to make sure your trip is as stress-free and pleasant as is possible during holiday travel. There are several options to consider for airport transportation at varying levels of cost and convenience, so make sure to choose the one that’s best for you and your family.

By Car – Airport Parking

If you plan to drive your family to the airport, your number one consideration will be where to park your vehicle while you’re away. If you plan to use the Sydney Airport parking facilities, make sure to pre-book your parking. You’ll receive a better rate and you won’t need to stress about parking areas filling up during the holiday weekend.

Drive up rates typically fall somewhere between $50-$60 per day, but make sure to book as early as possible as rates during the holiday weekend might be higher. Valet services are also available from $48 if you prefer the ease of being able to grab your luggage and head directly into the airport upon arrival.

By Car – Park and Fly Services

Another great option if you prefer to drive your own car to the airport are park and fly services. These services allow you to park your car in a lot nearby the airport and then take one of their shuttles to your terminal. Park and fly services tend to be significantly cheaper than airport parking, and often have special promotions around holiday times. Some services charge only about $20 per day for basic parking.

During Easter weekend or other very busy times at the airport, it’s worth checking whether your park and fly service offers valet parking. Using their valet service allows you to pull up to your terminal, take out your luggage, and head directly into the airport—a valet driver will pick up your vehicle and drive it over the park and fly facility. When you return home, your car will be waiting at the terminal ready for you to drive home. Valet park and fly services are a great idea if you want to use a park and fly service while avoiding the hassle of transferring family and luggage on the shuttles.

Most park and fly services also have excellent security including gates, restricted access, 24/7 security patrols, and security cameras throughout the facility, so you can feel confident your car is safe while you’re away.

As an added bonus, some park and fly services also offer add-ons like car washing and polishing which can be done while you’re away. It’s a great feeling to return home to a sparkling clean car!

By Taxi or Rideshare

Taxis and rideshare services are another good option for transportation to and from the airport this Easter holiday. The Sydney Airport is only about a 20-minute ride away from the central business district (CBD), so a taxi will run you about $45-$55 one way. Rideshare service fees can vary, and you should be wary if you are planning to travel the Friday before Easter after work—these services often have higher fees during popular travel times.

Of course, if you live further away from the airport then a taxi or rideshare service may be prohibitively expensive for you. If you plan to take a rideshare service during a peak travel hour, make sure you have a backup option in case the time comes to summon a car and you balk at the estimated cost of the ride!

By Train or Bus

The train or bus is an economical way to travel to the airport, but make sure to leave for the airport with plenty of extra time in case of any delays.

The Airport Link is a quick and easy way to get to the airport from both the city (only about a 13-minute ride) and suburbs, with trains running about every 10 minutes. Route 400 on the Sydney bus line operates a timetabled service between Bondi Junction and Burwood which stops at both the T1 International and T3 Domestic terminals. To use the Airport Link service or the bus line, all riders will need an Opal Card which can be purchased at the station, Relay, or WH Smith.