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Best Way to Design your Backyard If you Have a Small Space

Can you have a fun and inviting area with a small yard? It’s no doubt that a small outdoor area can be challenging to design. But backyard design ideas for small spaces can effortlessly help you meet personal style and functionality. With the right choice of furniture and décor and a little creativity, it’s easy to make your garden, terrace, courtyard, or patio live largely. Keep reading for ideas that will enhance outdoor living this summer!

Green it Vertically

The odds are that you contemplate conventional planter boxes and shrubbery. While that is okay, utilising the vertical space for the greenery can be mindful. There is a whole host of possibilities, from a live plant wall and hanging flower pots to vertical gardens. These allow you to save floor space for furniture and incorporate the must-have greenery for outdoor living.

Seating Options Don’t Need An Expansive Yard!

You can create a welcoming outdoor area without eating up too much space. Place your patio tables and chairs against the wall or fence for privacy. Then angle the chairs outward to make the space airy. Finally, add bursts of colourful blooms and other décor accessories to evoke an interior-like feel.

Make it Seem More Significant With Mirrors and Light Colours

Interior design tricks aren’t just for your interiors; the outdoors could borrow a few. Tried tips include using mirrors and light-coloured paint for light reflection and opening up a cramped space. Be sure to weatherproof the mirrors to withstand harsh external conditions.

Multi-purpose Furniture Offers More Significant Value

Adding bits of luxury to the yard may have you thinking of large furniture that can make statements. But that can be costly for limited space, calling for strategic decisions. It brings us to a question: what’s the intended purpose of your backyard? Is it for entertainment and relaxation? Or for working away from the office? Maybe you’d like to open outdoor dining opportunities too.

The good news is you can opt for versatile pieces to accommodate more than one purpose. For instance, if you need a space for eating al fresco and working, multi-purpose dining sets could be a good value for your money. On the other hand, an L-shaped bench allows you to stretch while offering a perch for more people. Garden stools also serve as tables for drinks and seating during gatherings.

Consider Smart Lighting Options

Lighting is integral for enjoying your space at any time of the day, especially after sundown. Further, consider space-economical lighting. Yards with built-in lighting don’t require much of an investment. Still, affordable solutions include battery-powered string lights, lamps, and lanterns.

Work Less and Enjoy More With Low-Maintenance Plants

Making the most of your outdoor retreats includes minimising your chores and not adding watering and weeding to the to-do list. That said, low-maintenance plants in lightweight containers are ideal. Also, opt for two- to three-foot plants to act as barriers from curious neighbours.

Make It Usable Year-Round

The ultimate outdoor space is comfortable throughout the different seasons of the year. Choosing furniture that withstands all kinds of weather, including rainy showers and hot sunny days, is an excellent place to start. Boost the space’s cosiness with plush pillows, outdoor rugs, soft blankets, and a fire pit during winter.


Adding décor, furniture, and greenery to the yard can enhance comfort and beauty and provide a personal retreat. Ensure you make strategic decisions according to the purpose of the space. Looking for more customised design tips for your small backyard? A professional can help you make the right choices for unmatched functionality and aesthetics.

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