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Book Dad a Car Detail Service this Father’s Day

Dads will always have a special place in our hearts. In most households, they were the primary breadwinners who worked hard to ensure that we were clothed, housed, fed and educated. Apart from the decades of financial support, dads impart a lot of wisdom and life lessons that have stood us well in adulthood. With father’s day coming up, there is no better way to express gratitude than finding that perfect father’s day gift.

One thing that is almost universal when it comes to dads is their attachment to their cars. While you might be driving the latest model, your dad probably still owns the car that he drove you to school with. What these cars lack in terms of modern features, they make up for in sentimental value. A car detail service for your dad’s most prized possession might just be that elusive perfect fathers’ day present. Some of the packages that you can get when booking include:


Interior Detailing

A car’s interior spaces are usually overlooked during the ‘normal’ carwash process and interior detailing aims to address that. When you book your dad an interior detailing package, their car’s interior will be restored to its former glory. All the indoor surfaces will be wiped clean, including the door panels and windows. The carpets and floor mats will be power washed and vacuumed and the seats will also undergo a deep clean.

The boot interior will also be included in this process. Ashtrays (if any) will be cleared out and the entire cabin will be deodorized. Expert detailers know how to safely clean leather, cloth and wooden surfaces depending on the model that they are dealing with.


Paint Protection

A vehicle’s paint job is meant to act as the first line of defence protecting your car from the elements. But with most cars, especially vintage and classic models, the paint job itself might be rare and expensive. In such instances, your dad’s vehicle will need an additional layer of protection to keep the paint job safe from scratches, scuffing and the degrading effects of the elements.

Paint protection detailing usually involves wax based sealants which add to the paint’s sheen, in addition to their protective qualities. Different hues and paints have differing needs when it comes to paint protection. Ensure that you are working with a detailer that is familiar with your dad’s paint job (colour, paint type, car mode etc) for best results.


Odour Removal

While odour removal is usually one of the services offered with most interior detailing packages, it can be purchased as a standalone product. If your father is a smoker, carries pets on a regular basis, or regularly transports pungent products, then their car interior must be quite stuffy. With odour removal, the detailers will scrub the surfaces that might contain the foul-smelling substances and use specialized deodorants to freshen the interior air and clear out the funk.


Paint correction and polishing

If your dad’s paint job has degraded beyond salvage, then the only option available for you is a new paint job. However, there is a phase in the degradation process where the paint has lost its lustre, but does not require to be stripped away. This is where you require paint correction and polishing. External detailers will rejuvenate your dad’s paint job and make the car’s exterior look brand new.

The first step to exterior detailing is cleaning the car to remove dirt, grime and debris from exterior surfaces. Special polishes are used to give the paint job a new shine after the water has been fully rinsed. Once the polish is evenly applied and the surfaced thoroughly buffed, your dad will be amazed at the transformation.


Headlight Restoration

A car’s headlights generally fog and discolour after extended use. Not only do discoloured lights make a car look unappealing, they make it unsafe to drive at night. If your dad is quite elderly (65+ years), this should be your number one priority. Headlight restoration will remove the discoloration and accumulated dirt from your dad’s car to ensure that the road is sufficiently illuminated for night time drives.


Full or Custom Detailing

Most car detailers will give you a discount of you purchase more than one detailing product. For older or more neglected car, you should opt for a full detailing that covers the interior, exterior, as well as headlight restoration. You can customize your package on a needs basis depending on the condition of your dad’s car.


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