/Can Your Face Handle the “Sleek Bob”?

Can Your Face Handle the “Sleek Bob”?

2018 has seen the re-emergence of the sleek bob. Celebrities and runway models have been rocking the classic sleek bob. It’s a classy yet cute hairstyle that showcases femininity with a ready to rock attitude.

Everyone is getting bob jobs, from the Queen B, Beyoncé to pop princess Katy Perry, and there is such a diverse range of styles from the messy bob the bob with bangs. Textured bobs have been all the rage and unleash the inner rock goddess inside. The classic bob of the flappers of the days of yore has also made a comeback.

2018 is the year of the bob and it doesn’t look like this hairstyle is going away in a hurry.

But can your face handle the bob? The bob usually looks the best on people with sharply angled faces, but with all the different styles there may be a bob that suits your face.

The sleek bob is ideal for those with long faces with prominent lines. It acts as a frame for the face and has the potential to really make your eyes stand out. When rocking a bob your eye makeup is one of the best weapons in your beauty arsenal and done will be turning heads like no tomorrow.

If you have a round face, a bob will usually accentuate the roundness and that far from desirable. If you do have a round face and insist on getting a bob: don’t get your cut too short. Moon face people should get their bob cut to over chin length. This will help smooth out the roundness and create lines to elongate the face. Also, if you are rocking a round face, try to steer clear of bangs and opt for a long fringe instead. If you must cut your fringe, keep it to at least the length of the bottom of your nose and part it nicely to one side. This will have a sweeping effect and draw the eyes to your beautiful hair while creating lines that make the face appear longer.

Round face people can still rock the sleek bob with the help of some makeup tricks and tips. It’s all about highlights and lowlights. Use lowlights to detract and highlights to attract. If you have a round face, try putting a dark shade of contour on the jawline to make your face seem not as round. Then use a lighter shade on the outer cheekbones and chin to create slimmer lines. Dress the eyes up lavishly as this will help draw attention to them. Use a bold colour on the lips so the main focus is on the t section of your face the lips. This will give you the freedom to rock the sleek bob.

Another option paired with the make-up is to get some gradual texture. Nothing too extreme, as you don’t want your hair to go frizzing like shaken champagne. A nice smooth gradient will do nicely and add some volume and body to your hair.

There are tricks and tips that make the bob accessible to everyone from the round face people to the sharp, chiselled types. People with oval faces can get away with it as we have Taylor Swift do on countless occasions.

The best way to go is to book into to your hairdresser and they should know what is going to work and what’s not for your face and fashion style. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that the bob isn’t for everyone and try something else. There are so many amazing styles out there, so pick one that works for you and the world is your oyster.