/Check Your Car in for A Detail Before Your Easter Break Road Trip

Check Your Car in for A Detail Before Your Easter Break Road Trip

Road trip time! As with any other long weekend, Easter is a great excuse for me and my friends to round up the families and go on a road trip together and go camping. Each time we pick a different spot and go and check it out. It’s just so nice to get out of the city and go and see what the rest of the country has to offer. Sure, we usually pick coastal spots, caravan parks, beach shacks, and holiday homes, but sometimes the get too busy (especially at Easter and Christmas). Sometimes we pack up and head inland instead, where it’s quieter, there’s less tourists, and we feel like we’re actually becoming part of the little community, rather than just being the standard interlopers.

No matter the road trip than we do for the hols, I’ve done this so many times I’ve got my pre-trip list down pat. There’s 3-4 months out (book people and place), one week out (the big shop), 2 days before (anything I’ve forgotten and fresh food), and day of (packing, last minute rush shop if necessary) sections, cause I’m just so organised like that.

There’s also another section that I have on my master list and that’s car maintenance! At the 3-4-month section I make sure to go for a service to make sure that everything’s in shape before we leave – and make sure that I have time (and money!) to do any repairs that need doing. A week out I do things like check my oil and water, make sure I fill up on supplies like coolant and extra fuel and put them in the back of the car in case there’s any emergency. As well as something that not many people would think about before going on a road trip – a detail – but like I said, I’m organised like that.

Going in for a detail before your trip instead of after is the ideal way to protect your car from damage both inside as well as out while you’re away. Not only does a detail completely clean your car but it also adds a protective layer that can be ignored – particularly when your car is whizzing down the highway at 110km and hour getting nailed by bugs, going down a gravel track with overgrown scrub scratching at the sides, and going and getting bogged off road if you’re in a 4WD.

If your car isn’t already in good nick before you take off on your journey, then it’s going to be in a whole lot worse shape after you go on your trip. So detail before, not after.

If you’ve detailed your car before your big Easter road trip, then when you get back with those happy holiday memories still fresh in your mind all you will have to do is give it a good wash and vacuum at one of those DIY cleaning centres, along with a glass buff and wheel touch up, then you’ll be good to go.

This is the process that I now undergo each and every road trip. My formula is so tried and tested that others in our travel group have now adopted my master list and added their own bits and pieces to it – which we always make sure to chat about while we’re away in case we want to add them as well! There’s no doubt that road trips away are absolutely amazing when done right. Being prepared in advance makes the whole process a lot smoother and less panicked at the end, so you can just relax, enjoy yourself and drive…