/Choosing A Gas BBQ This Summer?

Choosing A Gas BBQ This Summer?

The debate of whether gas is better than wood started with heaters but now it’s stretched to grills. Gas grills are a young innovation, but they have taken over the market like wildfire. Although the grills feature complex systems, they deliver incredible performances that can not only match up to charcoal barbecues but also surpass them in specific functionalities. Although gas barbecues are more recent than charcoal, they are still over 50 years old. Over the years gas barbecues have become more efficient and user-friendly. Currently, they are a popular selection in Sydney.

Gas barbecues gained popularity drastically, and this was as a result of the numerous pros the product had. For starters, the barbecue is convenient to operate. Charcoal grills are known for making a huge mess. The ash can be a handle-full while the smoke can be excessive and irritating. Consequently, charcoal barbecues cannot be used in apartment balconies and small courtyards. The limitations of charcoal barbecues are overcome by the efficiency and practicality of gas barbecues. Gas grills don’t have any ash or sources of air pollution. The combustion process that takes place on the grill is efficient and clean.

Gas grills vary in size and handle different capacities. Big units can have anything from 4 to 6 burners coupled with a working table and a storage area. On the other hand, some gas grills are small and compact enough to carry along on a camping trip. Numerous reputable brands manufacture and sell gas barbecues. However, a few names stand out and Weber is among the most notable names in Sydney. Weber-Stephen Products LLC is a leading manufacturer of gas, charcoal, and electric grills. They make barbecue-related accessories like grill brushes, mitts, and aprons. If you are looking to acquire a gas barbecue here are a few options to consider.

The Weber Spirit Series

The Spirit series is a sleek modern design barbecue that has set new heights in the gas barbecue Weber line. The units are not only practical but also packed with numerous features that make grilling convenient and enjoyable. The models vary in size ranging from the two-burnerWeber Spirit E-21 to the larger three-burner Weber Spirit E-310. The Spirit series is the perfect family sized barbecue for entertaining and feeding the family or a handful of guests. The numerous burners offer a spacious cooking space. You can easily prepare a steak on one burner while making other foods on the others. The unit comes with a hot plate for delicate meat. The E-310 Premium comes with an elegant finish and a sear station perfect for doing steaks.

The Spirit series comes with a heavy gauge steel bottom shelf, six tool holders, two all-weather wheels and steel work surfaces.  The build of the barbecue is sturdy guaranteeing years of service. The 10years 100% warranty is enough for peace of mind. The grill is designed for outdoor spaces ranging from balconies, courtyards, and backyards to entertainment areas. The Weber Spirit Series features affordable barbecue options that are certain to impress.


The Weber Genesis Series

The Genesis series is one of the most popular gas barbecues in Sydney. Currently, on its second generation, the Genesis series is a premium gas bbq series with features that are unmatched. The gas barbecues come with preparation surfaces and storage spaces. The unit is popular among barbecue enthusiasts due to its unique practical design. The Genesis reinvents the gas barbecue experience with stunning features ranging from a heat and burn control system; a dual door enclosed cart designs and an infinity ignition system to a GS4 fat management system.

The entire Genesis II range features the all new Weber GS4 cooking system that has unique, exclusive features. The grill also has a thermometer androtisserie. Compatible accessories are tucked away in a warming rack. The line has a three burner unit and a four burner unit. The Genesis II LX E440 and the Genesis II LX E340 come with a premium finish. You can choose between natural gas and a low petroleum gas system for the barbecues. If you are looking for a gas barbecue that can prepare a feast for a small gathering, the Genesis series is your best bet.

Gas BBQ In Summer

The Weber Summit Series

The Summit series is the ultimate Weber gas barbecue. The series features units with up to 6 burners. The Summit series is reserved for those who are serious about barbecuing or love hosting large gatherings. The E-670 features everything you could ever want in a barbecue including an infrared burner. The design is stunning with lighted control knobs and a double door storage area. The Summit series is a talking point for any barbecue gathering.

There are numerous gas barbecues on the market, but the Weber gas barbecues stand out from the rest.

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