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Christmas Hampers For Her

Which lovely lady are you shopping for this Christmas? Is it your mother, your daughter, your lover, your wife? It might be your sister, your best friend, or your favourite female employee. It might even be your lady boss. The gift that you select depends on the message you’d like to send her. All gifts show her that she’s treasured and appreciated.

However, if you’re buying a present in a corporate setting, you want to be sure you don’t send something that’s too intimate since you might inadvertently overstep the office boundaries. The last thing you want is to make your work relationship awkward.

When you’re shopping for a woman, the easiest fall-back is flowers. If your recipient lives in or around Sydney, you might get her a hamper that has flowers and chocolate. One popular hamper packs 12 long-stemmed roses in delicate tissue and places them in a beautiful gift box with assorted chocolate and an adorably tiny bottle of Moet.

This gift hamper would please most women, especially because it has an extra gift attached. 10% of the cost is donated on her behalf to a charity of her choice, and she’ll get a thank-you note in her email. This lets her know she has given someone else a Christmas present too.

It’s not the best idea to gift this hamper to a boss, subordinate, or colleague, because it may be misinterpreted as a romantic interest, especially given the typical shenanigans of end-year office parties. It’s best given to a lover or close relative who won’t take it the wrong way.

For co-workers, pick a more neutral gift basket. If you’re shopping for the boss, get her something significant that everyone can chip into. The Premium Office Share Hamper costs nearly $400, so team members can pool $10 to $50 each, depending on their pay grade, and HR can make up the difference. Have everyone sign the gift card, for a personal touch.

This ideal boss’ hamper is packed in a beautiful box and finished with a ribbon. It contains champagne, red and white wine, crackers, nuts, olives, and lots of chocolate. For a subordinate staff member or a peer, you can maintain the spirit but reduce the budget, getting her a different gift basket.

The Jolly Christmas Hamper has just as many sweets and savouries, but it has no alcohol except for a generous portion of brandy cake.  So if you’d like a gift she can use for a special Christmas toast, go for the Gourmet Christmas Hamper instead.

All these hampers have a charitable donation included. 10% of the buying price is sent to a charity of choice, and the recipient of the gift basket will be formally acknowledged via email and a thank you card. Since many women like a soft touch in their gifts, be sure to add a personal message on the gift card. It could be a poem, quote, or song lyrics.

Mothers and daughters (and sisters) are often the emotional heart of the home, so if you’re putting together a gift basket for a lady in your life, give it an emotive element. An elaborate photo album or photo frame makes a good Christmas present because she can fill it with Christmas memories. You can level up by populating the album yourself.

Frame a treasured picture, or put together a Christmas collection that has photos from Christmases past. It could encompass the whole family, from baby pictures to grandparents, and you can leave empty leaves to add photos from future Christmases.

While the vintage touch of a traditional photo album will evoke nostalgia, you can also give her a modern version. It could be a DVD or flash disk with a slideshow of those memories, backed by a soundtrack of family favourites. Or it might be a printed coffee table book, and you could create a family tradition of printing it every year and giving it to family members.

Rather than giving the single book, album, or DVD, turn it into a gift basket by grouping it with some chocolate and a gorgeous Christmas scarf. It could be a stylish silk one or a fluffy woollen one, complete with a hat and gloves, all in reds, greens, and sparkly tinsel tones.

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