/Common Stains In Car Interiors – And Why You Should Get Professional Help
Common Stains in Car Interiors – And You Should Get Professional Help

Common Stains In Car Interiors – And Why You Should Get Professional Help

Some of us spend a LOT of time in our car, from commuting to work, to running the kids to school, to sport, to friends places. Keeping the car interiors of your car clean is not just an investment in your vehicle over all, it’s just really nice to drive around in a clean car!

Here are a few tips on how to keep your car clean between professional car cleaning appointments.

Keeping up with just some basic care –

  • Vacuum up dirt and debris regularly
  • Don’t smoke, or allow smoking in the car – it leaves both a nasty residue and an odour.
  • Clean up any spills as soon as you can, dilute them with some cool – not hot – water, blot the excess clean with paper towel or a cloth
  • Leave this one to the professionals, but if you must – to deep-clean your fabric upholstery and carpets regularly. You can mix some vinegar, dishwashing liquid and hot water together, and use a hard-bristle brush to work the liquid into the fibres. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing with water and blotting dry
  • Leather cleaning is another job best left to the professionals, but, you can clean leather with a cloth soaked in water and a low-ph. soap. Allow it to dry thoroughly and then condition to prevent drying and cracking.
  • You can clean vinyl upholstery with a damp rag and some baking soda, rinse with water and dish soap. Avoid using oil or mineral based cleaners as they can make vinyl stiff.

For the best results have your car professionally detailed inside at least once a year.

If your car’s upholstery has been stained, it’s often a job left best to the professionals, only professional car detailers have the skills and knowledge needed to deal with stubborn stains, or hard to deal with stains. After all you have spent a lot of money on your car, be it old, new or a classic, why take the risk of something going wrong, you can turn a small stain into a disaster, and remember once you have attempted to remove a stain, and it hasn’t worked, you have now created an even BIGGER problem for your professional car detailer to deal with.

Some of the common stains that occur in cars – and should be left for the professionals to treat include –

  • Ink
  • Blood
  • Vomit
  • Tea or coffee stains
  • Soft drink or juice stains
  • *accidents* urine etc
  • Food

Car detailing when done correctly can make your car shine – inside and out, this includes, items that have or will stain your cars carpet or upholstery. Hiring a professional car detailer can have your car looking like new – and in some cases looking even better than new!

Look for a car detailer who has experience with cars inside and out, you also want a detailer who knows what he is doing and is able to deal with common and probably some not so common stains. Before hiring anyone to take care of your pride and joy, visit their website, check out their Facebook page, look for any reviews or recommendations. Feedback is always a great way to get an idea of a person or business, you can find out if they are reliable, if they do a good job, and if they offer value for money as well.

Ask friends and relatives if they get their cars cleaned, where they get it done and are they happy with the service they receive. You love your car, you want it looking good, for as long as you can, accidents happen, especially if you have young children – or clumsy friends. If you find a stain, don’t deal with it yourself, you might make it worse, always let the professionals deal with it.


Common Stains in Car Interiors – And Why You Should Get Professional Help


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