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Considering Your Best Gas Heater

Since it is a significant investment, a gas heater needs to serve you for many years before you start spending on repairs and replacements. However, this not possible if you do not observe a regular maintenance routine. Taking care of your heater is the only way of ensuring that it does not dent your budget.

If you are tired of constant repairs and replacements, here are the best ways of considering your gas heater.

Exercise Safety Measures

Gas appliances are risky, meaning that you should always observe safety precautions before you start cleaning and inspecting your heater. Make sure that the power system and all circuits are off, and check for any possible leaks. If present, call an expert to fix the leaks before moving forward.

Clean and Replace the Filters

The filter is an integral component of a heater that prevents the entry of dirt. It is advisable to replace it frequently to keep the system operating at its optimum. If your filter is clogged, get a replacement. Also, make sure that the space around the heater is cleaned to prevent future clogging.

Check the Thermostat

A thermostat allows you to set the amount of heat you want the heater to produce. When you set it and still feel uncomfortable, it shows that it is defective. Inspect the working condition of the thermostat and replace it if necessary.

Clean the Blower

After the filter, you should proceed to clean the blower. This is because the two parts are next to each other, and the dirt that penetrates the filter often ends up in the blower. Use a damp cloth to remove it and then put it back in place.

Inspect the Ducts

The ducts inside your gas heater are susceptible to damages, especially if you pass pressurized air through them. You should clean them using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Once you finish, cover all ducts to prevent gas from leaking into the furnace.

Clean the Vents

Gas heaters usually have a venting system to promote air circulation. However, the accumulation of dust and other debris can block the ventilation and increase the risk of hazards. Start by removing the cover and then clean the inside using a vacuum cleaner.

Inspect the Fan

The best way to avoid complications inside your gas heater is by carrying out regular and thorough inspections. Frequent checkups will ensure that you do not spend large amounts of money on repairs and replacements. Other than the general inspection, you should also check the fan and its components. Ensure that it is functioning properly and free of dust.


Taking care of your gas heater is not a demanding task. It is inexpensive and does not require a lot of time, and more importantly, it helps you avoid unnecessary expenses.

By adhering to the tips mentioned above, you can prolong the lifetime of your heating system. Also, ensure that you invite a professional at least once yearly so that they spot any potential complications before they get out of hand.

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