/Some Display System Inspiration for Summer
Some Display System Inspiration for Summer

Some Display System Inspiration for Summer

Trying to pick out a new display system design for summer can be difficult when you don’t know the best way to go about it. Copy someone else’s summer design? Go with something tried and tested? Why not start from the beginning and nail that summer feeling first? We guide you through the process to get summer inspiration for your display system.

What do you think about when you think summer? I think about the sun and the surf, heading down the beach to play in the waves all morning. I think barbeques out in our fantastic parks, a picnic blanket or two on the green grass, sausages sizzling in the background. I think slurping on icy poles as I walk down the street in my Havaianas, trying not to let the sticky sweetness drip all over my hands. I think balmy evenings grabbing some fish and chips and watching the sunset. I think overheating in my car, cranking the air con up to 11, listening to some traditional Aussie anthems. I think New Years and Australia Day fireworks, celebrating life with delightful pops of colours and cheering alongside my friends with joy. I think afternoons in lush, green beer gardens, in singlets and thongs, tans all round and sunnies on, sweltering under the heat but cooling down with an Aussie craft beer. I think taking the kids to the pool, people splashing about everywhere, brightly coloured bathers all round – polka dots, stripes, and bold, bright, fresh colours offset by the aqua of the pool water and the curly shiny water slides.

What do you think about when you think about summer? Is it all these things? Is it something more? When you’re thinking about inspiration for your display systems for summer, you need to think about what memories and feelings are evoked when you think about Australian summer. It’s likely that the things that you feel when you think about Aussie summer are shared by a lot of the population. And when you are designing you display systems, you want to design them to appeal to the general populace.

So go ahead, write down what you think of when you think of summer, just like I have. This is going to be your inspiration for your display systems. Once you’ve exhausted your list (and yourself), you might like to ask some other people the same thing. Note down any new ones they come up with that you hadn’t thought of. Once you’ve got a big old list, you can cross out any that are specific to just you, or specific to just another person – these aren’t going to work for your purposes.

Now, take a look at that list. Think up words associated with each mental picture. Is it fresh? Water? Sunburned? Joy? Write these words next to the image that it’s associated with. Now think about the most stand out colours from each image you’ve conjured. These colours might be green, red, yellow, pink…Note these colours down next to each image as well.

You now have a list of colours and words associated with each image of summer that you’ve thought up. Browse through your list of matching words and colours and see which ones pop out the most from a design point of view – and think about how these word/colour pairs might work in a display systems perspective.

By this stage, you’ll probably have a couple of word/colour options to choose from. Now you can go ahead and start playing around with some designs that use each of these. You might like to take this list to a graphic designer to see what they can come up with for your summer display system layout.

Have a few designs to choose from now? Well, then it’s time for some testing. While you might have a favourite or two, it’s always better to get a second, third, and even fourth opinion. Take the designs to trusted people within your organisation and see which one/s they like the best. You might even like to ask your partner for their opinion.

From here you’ll probably have a winning option. Congratulations! You’ve just developed your distinctly Australian summer designed display system. Once you’ve got your designs ready, you’ll need to pick a trusted manufacturer to produce your summer-inspired design system. Go with an Australian based business experienced on what to have in an outdoor display system to ensure that everything you receive in the end is going to be up to scratch and do your research before picking a provider.

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