/Expand Your Living Space with a Pergola and Enjoy These Summer Relaxation Activities

Expand Your Living Space with a Pergola and Enjoy These Summer Relaxation Activities

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to stay at home and work remotely, homeowners have had to get creative to ensure they don’t get bored at home. Now, the emergence of the Omicron variant has added more uncertainty, as no one knows when normal life will resume. One of the ways to ease this boredom is by constructing a pergola in your backyard.

A pergola adds functionality to your outdoor space and provides a relaxation area as you enjoy the warm summer afternoons. Read on to learn how to make the most of your pergola this summer.

How to Design Your Pergola for Summer

Because summer afternoons are mostly hot and sunny, it’s wise to construct a pergola that guarantees an adequate amount of shade. The best thing is that you have various designs and styles to choose from, regardless of your budget.

Below are various useful tips to make your outdoor structure cool during summer.

  • Install creepers over the pergola – vines with climbing leaves will add more shade to your pergola.
  • Invest in fans and outdoor coolers, or install louvred windows on your pergola.
  • Add canopies or roof panels to shield you against sun rays.
  • Leave open spaces to enhance aeration – avoid overcrowding the pergola with furniture and plants.

How to Enhance Your Pergola Summer Experience

Besides installing a shade, you can greatly improve your pergola summer experience by making the structure visually stunning. Ensure that you decorate outdoor space by implementing the following ideas:

  • Use light-coloured cushions and pillows on your outdoor furniture to enhance the summery feel.
  • Grow leafy plants and flowers to evoke a feeling of freshness. This also makes the area more liveable.
  • Apply decorative artwork on the structure’s walls.
  • Paint the walls with inviting colours such as lighter shades of blue and green, and cream.

What Activities Can I Enjoy in a Pergola?

Once you install a shade and decorate your pergola, here are some of the activities you can enjoy inside it.


Board games are timeless as they are suitable for any time of the year. The people you are with should influence the types of games you play. For instance, if you have a family, you could go up against each other in a chess tournament or play Scrabble if you have kids.

Enjoy Some Lemonade

What’s better than relaxing on a hammock on a warm summer afternoon while sipping a glass of chilly lemonade? Only a few experiences can beat this feeling.

The good thing about lemonade is that it’s easy to prepare. You can make a jug or two and relax in your backyard as you admire nature’s beauty with your family.

Outdoor BBQ Parties

During summer, you can call your neighbours or gather your family for some tasty barbeque. Other meals you can prepare inside your pergola include homemade cocktails and summer finger foods. However, you need to have proper ventilation so that it doesn’t get too hot.

Wrapping Up

Constructing a pergola in your backyard gives you more ways of enjoying your summer. That said, the structure needs to be in pristine condition if you want a smooth experience. If the decking appears beat, consider renovating it before it’s too late. The same applies to the roof and the support beams.

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