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Solar Water Heater

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is an investment that requires due diligence before making a purchase. This will help you get a high-quality heater that will serve you and your family for many years as you spend less money in the process. Apart from saving money, you will also contribute positively to environmental conservation since no emissions come out from the use of solar. In this article, we discuss factors that should be considered before one buys a solar water heater.

1. What is your Purpose of Buying It?

People that own huge facilities that require water to be heated would be ideal to purchase them for their buildings. This will contribute to saving a lot of money that would otherwise go into expensive electricity bills.

2. Cost of Purchase

Buying such a commodity is a costly affair. You will require a significant investment to get one compared to what you would spend in purchasing an electric one. However, the beauty of buying one is the fact that in the long run, you will end up spending much less than you would with the other heaters. Electricity costs can be hefty in certain places. In case you live in an area where power bills are high, then investing in a solar power system one would be a great idea.

3. The Size

The bigger the Solar Water Heater, the more expensive it will be. In the same breath, the bigger they are, the more efficient they become.

4. Consider the Type 

There are two kinds of heating systems. The first one is the Evacuated Tube Collector. This one costs much less than the other type. This is because it is built using glass, which is likely to break more than a metal one would.

The second type is the Flat Plat Collector system, which is the more expensive of the two since it is made from metal, which is a more durable material.

5. Warranty

Before buying anything that is costly, it is always good to find out if it has a warranty. Any manufacturer that is confident about their product will provide their customers with one. This is because they trust what they are selling to you. You will go home with your heater confident that it will serve you for a long time, and in case anything happens within the warranty period, you can get a replacement.

6. Is the Heater Certified

Most countries are strict on such products and require them to get a quality standard certification. By buying a certified product, you can rest assured that you are getting something that is of good quality. Whether certified by a regional or national standard, you should ensure it has certification so that even in the event of a suit between you and the seller, you will have a more legal basis.


We believe if you follow guide above, then you will be well on your way to getting the right quality water heating system that will serve you and your family for many years and end up saving you lots of money that would have been spent on power bills. Other than saving money, you will contribute massively to saving mother nature.

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