/Factors to consider when installing a Carport

Factors to consider when installing a Carport

You may be looking to add some shade over your vehicles or property to keep them away from excessive sunlight, which may lead to the dulling of your car paint or even snow. There may be a few factors for you to consider when deciding on which carport works best for you. Below we have listed a few.

General Design of the carport

Generally, there are two main designs: free-standing carports and attached carports. As suggested, free-standing carports are independent structures which stand on their own, whereas attached carports are pivoted on another structure such as the house. The two main types of free-standing carports include box – beam frame carports and c – purlin frame carports. Whichever you pick is just a matter of preference.

Both freestanding and attached carports offer shade for the vehicles and present a variety of options for roofing to enhance drainage such a gable, skilling and flat-roofed carports. When it comes to attached carports, however, you may want to install a skillion roof that drains water away from your house.

Space available

Naturally, if you have more space available, then you have greater liberty when it comes to how big your carport may be. If space is not an issue, then you could use some other factor to consider how big your carport should. If you’re looking to provide for at least two vehicles at a time, then you may obtain a double-width carport. Likewise, if you’re looking to providing shade for a large space, then you may want to obtain a double-width carport.


The position of the carport is important as well since it has a bearing on the overall aesthetic of your home. Generally, you want to avoid placing a free-standing carport dead centre of your front yard as it may look clumsy. If you have a garage, then it would be best to have an attached carport right in front of the garage. If you’re looking to install a free-standing carport, then you may want to install it to the side of the yard.

Generally, attached carports blend into the aesthetic of your home since they give off the appearance of an extension to your house. Consequently, you can have them just about anywhere, and they will look fine. Free-standing carports can be identified as independent structures, so you need to be careful with where you install them.

Bottom Line

Carports come with a large variety for prospective customers to choose from offering a lot of flexibility in design. If you’re looking for reliable designers, then you should look for your local garden shed installer. An online search referencing your area is enough for you to find a carport provider such as ‘garden shed Sydney’ for residents of Sydney.

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