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How to Get Bridal-Ready

Preparation for your wedding day


How to Look Your Best for Your Wedding Day

The stresses of planning a wedding can take their toll on the bride and groom, so it’s important to avoid the dreaded panda eyes and short fuses that come part-and-parcel with planning a huge family event.

Taking the time to plan your mini-breaks are just as important as planning for dress fittings! If you want to know how you can working towards looking your best for your big day, read on!

How to get ready for your big day - wedding planning timeline

Time: I’m engaged!

What to consider:

  • Hair maintenance: If you’d love to have long, luxurious hair, now is the time to start growing it. If you have short hair, or hair with lots of layers, speak to your hairdresser about how to transition your hairstyle from short to long – you might want to take some hair and nail supplements to help it along
  • Cosmetic work: It’s not unusual for brides and grooms to want to fix scarring, broken noses or other elements that make them feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. Most elective cosmetic surgery settles within six to nine months, so allow sufficient time!
  • Dental work: Whether it’s crooked teeth, discolouration or out of proportioned teeth, get your dentist on-board to create a million-dollar smile now


Time: One-year out

What to consider:

  • Fitness-fanatic: Exercise doesn’t just trim the waistline, it helps lower stress. If you haven’t already, start making a daily commitment to some form of exercise for 30 minutes. If you’re currently active, look for ways to amplify your results by joining group classes or getting a personal trainer
  • Nutrition: Glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair starts from the inside; aim to consume 2L of water per day and eat plenty of vegetables in every meal.
  • Hair maintenance: Now that you have your hair growth plan in place, get regular trims to keep the hair from splitting and consider treatment products to protect your hair long-term
  • Relaxation massage: Don’t let planning your big day carry you away, pre-book some deserved relaxation massages to give you that much needed balance from the hectic day-to-day – aim for a massage every two months (or more) to keep you sane!


Time: Nine months out

What to consider:

  • Skin therapy: If you want brighter, firmer and more even-toned skin on your wedding day, start looking at getting skin treatments every six to eight weeks. Some brides notice vast improvement after six months of regular sessions


Time: Six months out

What to consider:

The next few months will focus on maintaining your health, fitness and beauty routines – so no drastic changes!

  • Maintaining your new fitness and health routineAny additional or dramatic weight loss can make it difficult to resize your gown, so consider whether you need to go into a maintenance phase for your health plan
  • Manicures and pedicures: If you’re planning on having some gorgeous polish on your peepers and fingers, start getting regular manicures and pedicures – explore the different shapes and ranges of colour to find what works best for you


Time: Three months out

What to consider:

  • Hair colouring – update, stop or refresh: At this point, you really don’t want to be making any dramatic hair colour changes. If you’ve always wanted to try going darker, or lighter, this is the last opportunity to trial the change – and possibly fix it back – before your big day.


Time: One month out

What to consider:

  • Tooth whitening : Your dentist will be able to brighten your smile safely for a picture-perfect grin
  • Final hair trim: A tidy before your ceremony will make it easier to handle and shape
  • Body wraps: A relaxing mud or seaweed wrap could be the thing to exfoliate, tighten and brighten the skin on your body


Time: Two weeks out

What to consider:

  • Hair removal: Book your final waxing, threading and IPL appointments!
  • Dental check-up
  • Facial: To prevent wedding-eve breakouts, get your last facial two weeks before your ceremony – and no sooner or later!


Time: One week out

What to consider:

  • Fake tans: Book your fake tan spray now. Most brides report that their tan looks best 48hrs after application


Time: Day before!

What to consider:

Today is going to be hectic, so if you can, nominate other family member to do the final ring-around of your suppliers to confirm bookings, times and numbers for your special day.

In addition:

  • If you haven’t already, this is the last chance for a quick manicure or pedicure so get in early to avoid missing out!
  • Drink plenty of water to flush your skin and complexion
  • While you may not feel like eating, three balanced meals will keep your energy levels up
  • Start your bedtime routine a little earlier and wind down before getting some extra sleep to prepare you for the day ahead