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There is a saying expressing that there is nothing new under the sun. And that is certainly true of fashion, style and home décor. However, a cursory look at the present and past trends present clear evidence that home interior design is often cyclical, with some styles maintaining a high level of popularity over a long period. Therefore, as you consider aesthetics like the mid-century look, you can rest assured that there are a lot of examples available for you to follow.

Every home interior design style has various distinguishing factors that act as either subtle or clear identifiers. For example, the mid-century look is similar to the modern style but has some significant differences.

The mid-century décor style originated in the 1930s and remained popular until the 1970s. Throughout this time, the style reflected the resilience of beauty as its origins occurred in the period immediately preceding World War 2. However, the Mid-century aesthetic also retained its popularity after newer trends came in during the 1980s. On the other hand, the modern form of this look emphasises simplicity that was not present in the original.

So, here are some of the secrets behind giving your living room a mid-century look:

Use Leather Furniture

Leather is a timeless material. Its effect on a room’s feel is also undeniable. Opting for leather furniture gives a room a classic and elegant feel while enabling the furniture to stand out. Moreover, leather furniture pieces are durable. They will often retain their appearance for many years with proper care and maintenance.

While leather is often a foundational attribute of the mid-century style, the fabric is more costly than other types. However, this expense is worthwhile, and the benefits of your leather furniture render it a worthy investment.

Create the Illusion of Space Using Slim Furniture

Higher population numbers and ever-increasing demand for housing mean that modern accommodation is smaller. This size difference translates into smaller rooms and thus more limited space. However, the right furniture can be the secret behind making the most of what room you have available in this case.

Keeping in mind that mid-century style epitomises minimalism and simplicity, you only need to incorporate furniture that reflects this aesthetic. As a bonus, fewer yet significant furniture pieces allow your living room to maintain a spacious feel without the worry of bumping into furniture at every turn.

Use Symmetry

Using symmetrical furniture arrangement creates a feeling of calm, organisation and the illusion of space.

Therefore, you can employ symmetry in a space with distinctive and unique décor to execute the cosy and stylish effect of the mid-century style. Additionally, you can adapt this decorating method to other small rooms to help create the same feeling of space and tidiness.

Mix and Match Different Eras

The emphasis on simplicity and utilitarianism prevalent in mid-century furniture makes it easy to blend seamlessly with design aesthetics from various eras. For example, retro wall colours can be complementary to twentieth-century furniture. Conversely, bolder and more striking colours are ideal for a more contemporary outcome.

Try Adding Oversized Flowers

Plants are an easily accessible source of colour and atmosphere. Moreover, they are an ideal addition regardless of the room’s style aesthetic. Therefore, they can be a valuable addition to your mid-century furniture without worrying about clashing and discord.

There is a reason the mid-century design trend constantly remerges into the limelight, despite the establishment of various other styles. Its benefits prove irresistible to homeowners. So, when you opt for this style, you can take advantage of its classic feel to create an enduring look.

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