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Hairstyling Tips for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a pain in the @$$! Once it’s a frizz ball there’s really nothing that you can do with it except for hide out or just pretend that you don’t care. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips that will help you to combat that unrelenting frizz. So have a read, maybe book a visit to the hairdresser, and set your bookmarks to some sites for the best hair products.


Use a good quality mask once to twice a week

One of things that leads to extra frizz is not giving your hair enough moisture. There are a range of different ways that you can help add extra moisture into your hair. Start with adding a hairdresser quality conditioner designed to add moisture. Then a high quality mask which you can put on once or twice a week to add moisture. If it’s a protein enriched mask, don’t apply more than once a week as this can damage the hair. Most masks you will need to leave on for somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes for the full effects to become apparent.


Get a Brazilian blowout

A Brazilian blowout help keep your hair smoother and adds conditioners. It removes the frizz from your hair, rather than making it straight – unlike permanent straightening. It’s also better for your hair than permanent straightening, although your hair will still need to be in relatively good condition to begin with if you want to get this done.


Try permanent straightening

If you’re using a hair straightener every morning, then it’s time to claw back some time and get it done permanently at the hairdresser instead. Make sure that you go to a knowledgeable hairdresser, as permanent straightening can really damage your hair if not performed correctly. Like a dye job, your straightening will need to be topped up around every 6 weeks or so as it grows out, depending on how fast your hair grows, of course.


Use a clip in wig/pony

A simple way to get rid of the frizz is just to cover it up. There is now a huge range of half wigs, full wigs, and clip ins available, all at really reasonable prices that look great too. Simply pull back that frizz ball on your hair and snap your wig on over the top. Obviously, this is going to be easier to do in winter when it’s not so hot – although in summer you might like to try just the pony clip in instead. You can slick down any frizz on top and have a killer high pony ala Ariana Grande.


Stop using heating tools

Heating tools are damaging your hair – regardless if you use heat styling spray on not. Now, it’s not easy to undo years of heat damage to your hair, but the sooner that you give up the tools, the healthier that your hair is going to be. Once you’ve given up heating tools you will notice that your hair is far, far less frizzy than it used to be. So, you’re probably wondering how to style your hair without heat? Using rollers when your hair is half dry is the way to go. You can use really large rollers which will give an almost straight appearance, or smaller rollers if you want to go for curls. These can be picked up for super cheap, too – since they aren’t an electrical appliance!

The best way to tame frizzies over all is to use good quality products that are designed to infuse moisture. Oils when your hair is drying, such as Moroccan oil, can really help when styling. If you’re having a super frizzy day and can’t be bothered washing and styling your hair (or heading to the hairdresser to get it done for you!) a top knot is a good solution, with the rest of your hair slicked down. If you’re not feeling the top know, have a go with some hats or hair scarves and mix up your look a little bit without having to worry what your hair looks like. Next time you’re at the hairdresser ask what their recommended products and brands are to help combat your frizz problem – you’ll be glad you did!