/Highlight Your Best Features On Your Wedding Day
Highlight Your Best Features on Your Wedding Day

Highlight Your Best Features On Your Wedding Day

We’ve all heard advice about picking the right wedding dress, the one that works with your body shape, complexion, and ceremony requirements. A dance-loving bride should probably wear a little slip of a dress that lets her wow on the dance floor. A conservative wife-to-be can cover herself from neck to toe in a pretty lacy thing, matching its stitchery and opaqueness to her sensibilities (and those of her guests). A Modern Mrs. Can start show her man who wears the pants in their marriage, right from their wedding day.

But outside of silhouettes and comfort levels, every woman has insecurities. We all know this. What we don’t acknowledge as readily is that every girl also has … securities. We all have that one part of us that we know is perfect, better than any other girl we know. It could be anything. Fingernails, hair, nose, knees, humour, ability to start up an entertaining conversation with a tree trunk … we all have our thing, whether or not the groom sees it.

So on your wedding day, show off your thing. It’s the one area where you have supreme confidence, so rock it missy! You won’t be a miss much longer, so now’s your time to be single and shine, at least until you say I do. Are you a gifted writer? Take over the vows, or print your best work onto the wedding programme, making it clear that it’s all you. Yes, you can announce to the crowd that those vows – including his – came from your gifted hands.

Highlight Your Best Features on Your Wedding Day Sydney

Steal of The Show

Killer voice? Sing at the wedding. Not too much just one show stopper with the live band. If dance is more your thing, tell the groom to take his seat and let you have the dance floor spotlight for a bit. He can always show his moves later. Off-the-charts-cook? Well you really don’t want to cater your own wedding, but you can make a signature dish for the guests, or offer the chef your signature recipe.

What about the more … physical … aspects of your big day? Well, if you have pretty feet, wear strappy shoes and a short dress. Trains are nice, but let the world see that pedicure girl! Hands? No gloves and lots of nail art. You could even channel Asian culture and have some henna tattoos worked onto your arms. It’s a good way to show off your triceps and biceps, because yes, you do ift. Incidentally, sleeveless dresses aren’t the best way to show off pretty hands. Reverse psychology works. Use lacy sleeves like those on Pronovia D-Dresses.

The series involves beautifully embroidered wrist length sleeves that draw the eyes exactly where you want them. These designs include Divina, Destiny, Drafne, and Draga. On the other hand if you’re pretty enough to sell cosmetics, you want your guests looking at your stunning eyes, perfect nose, or kissable lips. While a sweetheart neckline or off-shoulder cut will keep eyes above your neck, a high neckline goes one better. Turtlenecks are not a wedding option, but embroidered lace that coils around your neck will lead eyes above your chin. After all, there’s more than one way to show some skin.

Hair-Raising Beauty

Speaking of your face, too many brides rush for the sophisticated upswept look or the stereo typically cascading ringlets. These are both good bridal looks, but there’s so much more you can do. Start shopping around for your bridal hairstylist early, if you’re not going to use your regular hairdresser. Show them your dress and trust them to find a look that goes well with it and also works with your face. Remember, the ideal face shape is oval, and regardless of your (lack of) facial curvature, there’s a style that can mimic oval features.

Don’t be afraid to try something drastically different, but don’t wait until the wedding morning to experiment. There are lots of realistic software that can simulate a hair make-over, so try before you clip. Find the right hair expert and don’t dictate. Take their advice in terms of cut, color, and coiffed. Also, as you show them your dress, talk about headgear. Your do needs to work with your veil, tiara, garland, or fascinator. Better yet, go without and show off your style’s full glory. And yes, it’s okay to use weaves or extensions if you need to.

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