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How a new lounge suite can transform your living area

Face it, your old lounge suite has not been feeling very inviting lately. It’s been there since the kids were still crawling and you just can’t stand to look at it anymore. The look of it out dates your living area completely and you’re in the market for a suite that will make your living room look Pinterest ready.

Perhaps you decided back then that the patterned lounge suite was very in, and it in your defence it was. Nowadays, there seems to be a trend of going very plain and neutral almost. Depending on your style of course. So if you’re still on the fence about getting a new lounge suite, here are a few reasons how it can completely transform your living area.


1.       Out with the old

If you’re looking for a new lounge suite that will suit your living area, you’ll have to look at the surrounding space too. Do you want it to remain the same and only change the lounge suite? Or do you want to completely redo the area? This is a personal decision and one best made by doing some research. Getting a new lounge suite will be less costly than overhauling the entire living area. Eitherway, you will be transforming the area in a small or big way.


2.       Colour

Maybe your living area is in dire need of a pop of colour, there are fabulous lounge sets available that will bring life back into the space. The AlcovaSofabed is a great example of bringing in some colour, especially if the rest of the living area is more muted in tones. And the best part about the AlcovaSofabed is that it doubles as a bed, so if you have guests over, and not enough room, you can make use of this pretty sofa.


3.       Neutral

If your old patterned couch is in tatters and in need of a makeover, you should maybe consider finding a new lounge suite that fits this century. There are incredible neutral sets available, and the variety will make your head swim. You just have to know what you want to put in the space and how you want to utilize it. Be it a large space or smaller, going neutral will make a total living area transformation a lot easier later because any colour will go with the lounge suite.


A suite like the Francesca is the perfect style and colour to look for because it is versatile, modern and can be fitted to suit your needs.


4.       Inviting

When considering a new lounge suite, you should definitely purchase a set that is inviting. One that will call to you as you walk through the door from work. You should want to lay down and forget the rest of the world as you get lost in a book or a movie.


We can get used to the things we have, and a lounge suite is no exception. Maybe the dogs laid on it one too many times or perhaps the kids drew on it with crayons. Your home should be your sanctuary and a place where you want to relax and just be.


You can make it, even more, inviting by using beautiful decorative pillows and a lovely throw or furry blanket. The possibilities are endless and if you’re stuck a quick internet search will pull up many ideas from you to choose from or mix and match.

We’ve come to the conclusion that the Revo lounge suite seems to tick all the above boxes. It has a storage compartment for your books, magazines and Ipad, and it is comfy enough for you to leave all your worries outside.

A new lounge suite can and will transform your living area, it’s just a matter of personal preference, some research and deciding what style you will be going for. We always say that neutral is the way because it leaves room for a lot of different décor options if you get tired of something very quickly. That way you don’t have to rethink the bright pink lounge suite you purchased, all you have to do is rotate your decorative pillows and throw blankets and voila!


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