/How a Simple Re-roofing Can Give your Home a Fresh New Look
Re roofing

How a Simple Re-roofing Can Give your Home a Fresh New Look

Your roof has shielded you like a tough mom from all sorts of weather changes, winds, humidity, sun,and hailstorms. Its only fair to think about returning the favor by renovating the roof.

You can’t always change houses, but you do have full control over your roofing situation. There are plenty of options out there to choose from; sloping, flat, and landscaped roof.

There are tons of materials to select as well; asphalt, metal roofing, slate, wood, and fiber. Its all depends on the following things to consider before replacing your roof:

Re roofing

  • Your budget.
  • The availability of desired material in your area and its suitability to the local weather.
  • How heavy the material is and if it will require special framing.
  • The lifespan and warranty of the product.
  • Are there any special installation and maintenance aspects to consider?

Nonetheless, even a simple re-roofing can notch up your home and give it a fresh new look. Let’s read the 4 reasons why you should go for a new roof.

For The Beauty Of It

Remember how good you feel when you buy a new pair of shoes or a new piece of furniture? Now imagine getting a new roof!

A roof is a major part of some house styles especially a bungalow. It can transform the look of your property by changing the roof or even just the exterior of the roof e.g. by getting new tiles installed.

Roof replacement usually falls under the permitted development right so you won’t need planning permissions (however, you must add roof insulation to meet building regulations). A fresh new roof would mean a major change in the exterior of the house with a minor cost as compared to well, buying a new house.

There are so many styles and colors to choose from, it can be a fun family activity to plan for new roof installation.

Brand New Shingles

Curled, broken and missing shingles are not only unappealing but come with a variety of problems like moisture retention, leakage, and become prone to falling off.

If your annual roof inspection turned out to be a red flag, it’s better to install a brand-new roof instead of paying a hefty amount to repair it.

Roof Hygiene

All that debris, moss, fungus, algae, and rust that you have tried to scrub away but failed will vanish automatically with a new roof. Keeping a moss infested roof can be a huge problem andcause allergies, infections,and diseases. A new roof will ensure proper roof hygiene, and you can monitor it closely for the coming years.


What were the problems that you faced with your old roof? That was a decision you made a decade or two ago, so there might have been some limitations that you faced during these years? Maybe your old roof was difficult to maintain, you always had to hire professional help to clean it, or it wasn’t suitable for the local weather.

With the advancement in roof industry, there are many different options to choose from as compared to the first time you installed a roof. Your contractor will guide you according to your budget, needs, and the local weather, ofcourse. It’s time to start afresh and a new roof is a perfect way to go.

You can relate to all the above if you’re at the verge of getting a new roof. We hope this article will help with your decision.

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