/How to Apply Blusher Products Like A Pro
How to Apply Blusher Products Like A Pro

How to Apply Blusher Products Like A Pro

Blush is the product that can take your look from unnatural to natural looking. It brings colour to your cheeks when your foundation hides those red apples. And with so many options available most women tend to shy away from this fantastic makeup product. All you need to know is what type of blush you should use on your skin type and the right colour for your skin tone.

First things first. There is two type of blush products, cream and powder. If your skin leans towards the oily side then it’s only logical to use something that won’t make it worse. So you ladies with the oily and combination skin should use the powder blush. If you don’t have an oily skin you can use a cream blush.

Secondly, you need to determine what colour blush will best compliment your complexion. This is a good question to ask a professional makeup artist if you’re not sure howto determine what colour will suit you.

Now for the best application methods:

1. The Where

To find out where you should apply the blush, stand in front of a mirror and find the apples of your cheeks. That is where you should be applying your blush product.

2. Prime

Using a primer before applying any makeup will make sure everything stays put until the end of the day.

3. Finger or Brush

Powder blush can be applied by using a blush brush and those using a cream product can use they’re a finger to apply it.

4. Blot

Instead of finishing off your like with a translucent powder you can blot your blushed area instead. It will help the colour stay rosy instead of dulling it.

5. Many Uses

The amazing thing about blush is that it has more than one use. You can apply it to your lids and lips as well. So if you’re stuck without eye shadow or a lip tint then you can always use your blush product.

If all of this is still too much for you then you can always go for a class on how to apply makeup properly. A lot of make up academies run one or two-day classes where you can learn all the tricks of the trade. Even just having your makeup professionally done can teach you a few things.

Learning to apply makeup isn’t sorcery but it can do wonders for your look and how you feel when you step out of the house. So if you feel like you can learn a few things why not enrol in a class and see how it goes.

Happy holidays!

How to Apply Blusher Makeup Products Like A Pro

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