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How to Choose a Good Body Corporate Manager

Most people prefer choosing a body corporate manager on their own. It works great for them, at least most of the time. Doing so allows them to negotiate the price in line with the specific services you require. 

Unfortunately, many property owners have ended up receiving shoddy services after choosing an unqualified strata manager. To avoid falling victim to such eventualities, it’s, therefore, essential that you observe due diligence when selecting a strata manager for your property. That means you need to know some of the qualities of a good body corporate service provider, right?

Below are a few of the things to look up for in a strata manager Melbourne.

Demonstrable Legal Expertise

One of the biggest hurdles that property owners go through is legal matters. Some erupt because of minor oversights, lack of proper and up-to-date information, and more. To ensure the safety of your property, confirm that the property manager you’re hiring has a watertight legal team and expertise that will help you navigate through the legal spheres as you run your business.

Professional Property Maintenance

Before sealing any deal with a body corporate service provider, you should first ascertain that it’s been providing strata management services, including professional property maintenance. This service is essential to ensure that your property doesn’t lose its value drastically as a result of poor maintenance. Remember that where the repairs and cleaning is substandard, a tenant or any other property user may sustain an injury, and, as the property owner, you may have to take responsibility.

Professional Qualifications and Registration

You cannot just peg your decision on the information provided by the strata manager that’s marketing its services. As a property owner, you must dig deeper to establish that the company you want to work with has all the requisite qualifications and registration credentials relating to a professional strata manager. Getting the information will also help you confirm that you’re working with a genuine service provider.

Number of Clients Vis-à-Vis Their Experience 

Firstly, you want to ensure that the company you’re working with has the necessary experience in providing strata management services. You’d need first to establish how many years they’ve been in business and weigh the period against their current number of customers. If a company has been around for a long time, yet it’s customer base is considerably small, that’s a pointer that its services may be wanting. For the best results, work with a service provider whose experience resonates with its customer base.

Partnering With Reputable Contractors and Suppliers

You wouldn’t want to entrust the running of your property to a company that doesn’t work with professional and reputable contractors and suppliers. Such a company would end up damaging your property by installing substandard parts and conducting unreliable repair works. Choose a smart strata manager that teams up with other experts in the industry in the delivery of the services they outsource. For example, when it comes to plumbing work and the supply of plumbing parts, a good body corporate service provider would ensure that it only partners with companies that have a longstanding reputation for offering such services excellently.

By getting solid body corporate services Melbourne, your property will be well taken care of at all times.

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