/How to Choose the Right Types of Built-in Wardrobes

How to Choose the Right Types of Built-in Wardrobes

The best way to keep the bedroom uncluttered is to build a wardrobe. This type of storage won’t only keep the room organized but also looks spacious.

There are different designs of wardrobe to choose from. You can choose either a modern design or a traditional collection of veneer furniture and solid oak. Wardrobes come in various colours, sizes, and styles. Whether you want to buy a wardrobe or hire a cabinet maker to build a wardrobe, it is important to make an informed decision.

Tips on how to make the right choice of built-in wardrobe

Evaluate the current wardrobe

If you have a current wardrobe, it is important to assess some aspects to make a smart decision. You should identify your reason why you need to have a new wardrobe. You should think about both the positive and negative aspects of your present wardrobe. This will help you in configuring out your desired design of the new wardrobe.

Room size

In determining the hanging or the shelving space of the wardrobe, it is important to consider the room size. Make sure that there’s still enough space to access the windows and ample space for another bedroom furniture. Likewise, it is also essential to consider the foot traffic.

Doors or entry options

Built-in wardrobe comes in two entry options such as the sliding door and the hinged doors. In terms of aesthetic perspective, both entry options are great choices. But you should determine if the size or layout of the room gives access to the wardrobe. Whether you have a small or large bedroom it is important to leave enough space for future use. This means that the wardrobe should not occupy more space in the bedroom.

Inserting mirror at the doors of the wardrobe allows the light inside the room to reflect, thus makes the room to appear bigger than its original size. The reflection of the light can create a bigger space. On the other hand, if the position of the mirror is against the window, it will reflect the outside views.

Materials finishes and colours

Another thing to consider in making the right choice of a wardrobe is the material, finishes, and colour. There are various options to choose from including the following:

Vinyl-wrapped doors – There are attractive routing options available and you may choose glass or mirror inserts. You can also customize your wardrobe doors to complement your bedroom.

Coloured board doors – You can find different colors, finishes, and styles that best fit your preferred design and aesthetic.

Routed or plain MDF doors – If you’re a handyman, these entry options are a good choice as you can customize the paint as you like.

Consider design and style

The function of the wardrobe is to organize everything inside the room. To accommodate all your belongings, it is important for the wardrobe to have more shelves to store the folded clothes. Likewise, the part where you can hang your shirts, dresses, and the likes must be large enough to accommodate more things.

The design and style of the wardrobe should match the interior flooring, walls, bed, bedside tables, blinds, and curtains. If you want a wardrobe that has a rustic or more traditional look, choosing the wooden wardrobe is a smart decision.

Whatever type of built-in wardrobe you choose the important thing to note is that it fulfills your storage needs and at the same time matches with the interior design of the room. You should take your time doing homework before choosing the right built-in wardrobe. Keep in mind that it is a long-term investment, thus you need to pick the perfect one.


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