/Is Purple Hair Still A Thing?
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Is Purple Hair Still A Thing?

Ummm… well the colour purple has and always will be a thing. Hair is also a thing and has been for a very long time. But rocking purple hair in the name of fashion and self-expression is a totally different thing. So I guess we are talking about the latter. Who are the authorities that decide on whether something is a thing or it’s not a thing or nothing? Well, my friends, in this post it’s me and I say hell yes. Purple hair will always be a thing in my book.It’s a pretty colour and it looks pretty epic as a hair colour.

It resonates with me and a lot of other people for a number of reasons. Purple can be traced back to the punk rock days when it was cool to be a misfit and not conform to society and especially “things”. Yes, that’s a thing too. The non-conformity to things. A person with purple hair doesn’t give a rats whether their purple is still a thing. They rock it anyway with confidence and swagger.

Whenever I see a person with purple hair, I’m instantly intrigued and want to get to know them and their motivations and aspirations, what planet they came from, and where they are going next. Then I want to compliment on their cool hair.

Purple hair represents a lot of things. Things that are cool like anime, sci-fi, punk culture and the will of an individual that has the gusto to pull it off.

How is a thing created?

Well if we are talking fashion things, or style things, they usually come from celebrity or pop culture. So, if some person who appears in the media has purple hair does it make it a thing?

If it does there is a huge list of celebs that can cement purple hair into the status of a thing. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne and pretty girls in rock bands such as Warpaint. So in that respect, it’s a thing.

There are many different styles and shades of purple and ways to wear it in your hair. Balayage is in at the moment and babes with blonde hair can be seen swaggering with purple tips and all the rest. Streaks, whatever, purple will and always will be a thing. Unless the colour somehow disappears by our eyes evolving not see the colour or everyone loses their hair.

If Gaga has purple hair, then it must be a thing, but she changes her hairstyle as much as she changes her underwear.

Purple hair is fun. The mere sight of it brightens people’s day and puts a smile on their face. That alone should be enough to qualify it as a thing. But in our celebrity-driven culture, a thing is only a thing if someone rich and famous has it. Or some king or queen with a following and public opinion says it’s a thing. Which is all a bunch of rubbish by the way.

If you want purple hair, get purple hair and when people see how cool it looks on you, they too may be inspired to get a bit wild and go purple. Then you become the catalyst to make something a thing. How cool is that? You could be responsible for making a thing, a thing. But the purple thing is already a thing. Peeps have been doing it for years and will continue to do it because, well, it’s cool, it’s a cool thing.

Obviously, some things suit people better than other things, so you might want to have a trial with some dye that washes out before embarking on the purple hair thing. If purple doesn’t work, there are many other colours that are things too.

If you’re worried about what your colleagues or friends might say about your purple hair, don’t worry, they have about as much an idea of what a thing is as you or me or the president of the United States. Look at his hair for example. If you can call that hair even. It’s still a thing though.

There is only one person who can decide whether purple hair is still a thing and that is you, my dear. So, book into your hairdresser and dye your hair the brightest purple you can, so there will be no denying that your purple will be a thing. And if anyone gives you any grief, tell them your thing is your thing and none of their business.