/Isuzu in Australia is Going for Gold

Isuzu in Australia is Going for Gold

Isuzu is one of the most trusted names in the trucking industry. The company has a rich history dating as far back as 1916 when the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited began making partnerships and mergers that led to the establishment of the Isuzu Motors Limited Company about 33 years later in 1949. Isuzu kept growing and officially got a foothold in the Australian market in January 1989, setting up shop as Isuzu-General Motors Australia Limited (IGM).

Close to thirty years after entering the Australian market, Isuzu is constantly changing the trucking landscape. Isuzu’s unrelenting commitment to high-quality products and stellar customer service is second to none in the field. The company invests heavily in making sure their clients get the best services available from affordable and reliable trucks to high-quality truck spare parts and service options.

Isuzu has done well in Australia because it has stuck to its strengths. Due to the country’s vast territory and long distances of up to thousands of kilometres between towns, Australian trucking companies depend on reliable service stations all over the country. The truckers need the assurance of access to good service technicians and spare parts wherever they go so they do not have to worry about losing time waiting for parts to be brought in from the capital when they are on long cross-country journeys.

Besides easy access to service stations all along the Aussie backcountry, Isuzu is famous for making some of the most reliable trucks in the world. The company’s attention to quality more so in improving performance and fuel efficiency of large diesel engines is to be applauded. In essence, Isuzu has been Australia’s truck provider of choice because their vehicles rarely have any problems and if they do, they are there to fix it.

In keeping with its fundamental strategy of growth through collaboration, the company has been able to penetrate the Aussie market by establishing strong local ties and partnering with local dealers as well as successful companies in every major town of the country. As a result, Isuzu has worked with local companies and partners to set up more than twenty dealerships with service centers across the country in a vast network from Perth in the west to Brisbane in the east via Albany, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in the south along with a couple stations in central Australia and Tasmania.

Riding on the success of its other dealerships, the company has made a new move with one of its oldest partners, the Frizelle Sunshine Automotive Group, to go for gold and grab a piece of the Gold Coast.  This move has resulted in the successful establishment of Gold Coast Isuzu, the newest member of the Isuzu Australia dealer network. The Frizelle Sunshine Automotive group is the largest vehicle dealership in Queensland with more than 700 staff the company boasts sales of over 15,000 new and used cars annually. This has given the Gold Coast Isuzu centre a solid foundation and esteemed standing from day one.

Sitting on a 4.4-hectare piece of prime land just off Exit 66 of the M1 at Arundel, this service centre is in the line of sight of at least 140,000 cars daily. Clearly visible for both North and Southbound vehicles, the centre basically markets itself. Since opening in November 2017, the centre has been focused on personalized customer care in dealing with truck service, parts and sale of new and used vehicles. Its improved facilities include an automatic truck wash and detail centre, a state-of-the-art parts showroom, a dedicated used vehicle refurbishment facility and an ambient lounge where drivers can relax while their trucks are worked on. Their specialised attention to the client’s needs has paid off and the centre already been awarded the Dealer Excellence Award for customer satisfaction.

Isuzu keeps pushing boundaries both in customer service and trucking technology. As it approaches the 30-year mark of excellence in the Australian market, there is no doubt it will still be on top of the market when it crosses the half-century mark.


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