/Lamb Vs Beef which is better?
Lamb Pizza Vs Beef Pizza which is better

Lamb Vs Beef which is better?

When it comes to pizzas, there are so many choices in toppings, from seafood and chicken to meats and vegetables. When it comes to meats – which makes the better topping – Beef or lamb?

Beef Pizza

When it comes to beef, beef is more than just beef – there are two main types of beef available – grass fed and grain fed. What cattle eat can influence the taste, and how much beef you should eat, and how often you can eat it. As with everything, there are good and bad reasons to eat or to limit your intake of beef.

Grain Fed beef does contain more calories, and higher levels of saturated fat and LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) than grain fed beef does. More fat equals more calories. Too much grain fed beef can lead to weight gain and higher cholesterol levels.

Grass Fed beef is lower in total calories, lower in LDL cholesterol and lower in overall fats, including saturated fats. While grass-fed beef is lower in total fats, it is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids (or good fats) that can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Grass fed beef is a great source of protein; it also contains zinc, iron and phosphorus which help with the immune system, teeth and bones and to prevent muscle fatigue.

At the end of the day, before adding that beef to your pizza, know what it is and where it came from, enjoy your beef in the right proportions and moderation.

Do you know which meat out there has fewer calories, has less saturated fats, more omega-3’s and more cancer-fighting CLA in it than beef???


Lamb Vs Beef - Which Pizza is The Best For You


Lamb Pizza

Despite the amazing flavour and the nutritional benefits of lamb, it isn’t as popular as you think. There are many good reasons to eat lamb, especially on a pizza.

Just like beef, lamb is a great source of protein and amino acids, but protein isn’t all you get from eating lamb. Lamb is a *multivitamin* when it comes to nutrition. While it may have a different flavour and texture, it is the healthier alternative to beef.

A small serving of lamb is packed with – Vitamin B12 – which is great for the digestive and nervous system, it provides your body with energy and it reduces heart-harming homocysteine. It provides you with Selenium which is an antioxidant micronutrient that is vital for healthy cell division, thyroid health, detoxification and cancer protection.

Lamb also provides you with Vitamin B3 to help convert food into fuel which is great for the nervous system, it helps the body make hormones and is needed for a healthy circulation. Zinc – this mineral plays an important role in immune function as well as the synthesis of proteins and DNA in the body. Phosphorous which is needed for healthy bones and teeth it also helps the body use carbohydrates and fats to make protein and finally – Iron. The body needs this to make haemoglobin and myoglobin; these are the proteins in red blood cells and muscles that help to transport and store oxygen.

If you want the benefits of eating fish – but don’t like fish – lamb is also a source of those healthy omega 3 fats – the fats found in cold water fish that are known to reduce inflammation, guard against cancer and heart diseases and boost brain health. Lamb provides you with roughly 50% of the Omega-3’s you find in tuna.

With concerns about the health of the oceans and the high costs associated with buying and eating fish, lamb is an economical way to add healthy omega-3 fats to your diet, and to your pizza. Plus, cooked lamb on a pizza sounds more appetising than adding fish to your pizza!

If you are wanting to add meat to your pizza – and you eat pizza regularly – lamb is the healthier option. If you don’t eat pizza often and prefer the taste of beef – go for it. Which is healthier – Lamb Vs Beef – the winner is lamb.