/Limestone Tile Options For 2018
Limestone Tile Options For 2018

Limestone Tile Options For 2018

When it comes to using tiles in your home this year, Limestone tiles and pavers are certainly *in*. Natural stone has always been a part of a well-designed bathroom thanks to their durability and raw beauty, so this trend is not going away any time soon. The difference this year will be the size of the tiles used, the look of bigger tiles with less grouting is definitely IN.


Limestone Pavers Tile Options For 2018


Gone are the days when a bathroom was just a practical space to have a shower or bath, the new trend is to make your bathroom look and feel more like a day spa, where you can really feel you can relax. Earthy natural tiles with wooden accessories look great paired together, look for a creamy brown limestone tile to help achieve this natural look. For a touch of added luxury why not consider using gold brushed metallic taps and tap wear.

Massive tiles are definitely in this year, those with a fiberglass backing bending around the curves is huge overseas, so watch out for it becoming a poplar design trend this year. With continuing developments in tiles this year, they are really pushing the limits on what tiles can and can’t do, earthy blues, timber hues and forest green shades will be making an appearance this year.

For the kitchen again, the use of large format tiles is being used on kitchen benchtops which is adding a new dimension to the kitchen and creating a focal point for the room. From bold greys and neutral tones limestone is making a splash not just on floors, but walls, splashbacks and kitchen bench tops, used anywhere limestone adds an individual touch to any room.

2018 will also see the emergence of *the perfect square* (20mm X 20mm tiles) decorative tiles can be mixed and matched with limestone for a unique look, combine limestone with other natural stone tiles to give your area a different shade and texture.  In 2018 it will be all about combining difference in stone tone’s, shade, colours and texture. Instead of hiding limestone tiles, they will be front and centre. Large format tiles or natural slabs of limestone will provide variation and a focal point, from over the bath, in the shower to a kitchen benchtop.

Huge tiles are leading the way this year, the standard tile size of 600mm X 600mm has grown, up to a massive 1200mm X 1200mm and beyond, on the floor it provides a look of an uninterrupted flooring area that has space and depth. These large tiles are also making their way onto walls and can look more like pieces of art, rather than just *wall cladding*. If you really want to create the *wow factor* you can’t go past a full slab of limestone on your kitchen bench, while this look isn’t for the feint hearted, it is certainly worth it!

2018 is all about blues and greens, and while pastels are still a popular colour todays look is focusing more towards blues, emeralds and soft greens. Blue will certainly be the dominant hue in 2018 also look for tiles in dark blues and denim blue with a hint of green or a metallic undertone.

What is OUT in 2018?

  1. While they did look classy, white subway tiles are out.
  2. Spa baths are gone, they can be big and bulky, and, depending on the size of your bathroom can over-shadow the room, the look this year are larger showers with two shower heads and a wet room look and feel.
  3. An all-white bathroom is out todays’ look is a mix of modern and organic – natural stones and wood creating a more dynamic atmosphere.
  4. Rose and copper finishes are still in use, but on a smaller scale. 2018 will see other metals silver, gold and bronze becoming more popular.


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