/What to Look for in A Professional Home Staging Service
What to look for in a professional home staging service

What to Look for in A Professional Home Staging Service

When you walk into a store to buy clothes, you may easily get overwhelmed. There are endless shelves filled with colourful items. Some are folded, others are on hangers, and some are laid out in display cases. Which items catch your eye first? Usually, its the items that are on mannequins. Even when youre shopping online or leafing through magazines, its the items on the models that grab your attention.

Why is that? Because they offer context. Theyre not just loose items on a rack. You can see how they would look on an actual person, maybe even a person that looks a bit like you. Mannequins and models also give styling options, suggestions on how you might pair your purchase with other forms of clothing and accessories.


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Home staging or styling, is the same concept but on a grander scale. If youre shopping for a house, all you can see are walls and empty spaces. Whether its a sale or a rental, you have to really use your imagination to see how your furniture will fit the space. And if you have no furniture, its an even harder decision, because you cant picture how these vast, empty rooms would ever become your home.

Realtors understand this, so instead of showing you cold, sterile residences. They take you on a tour of a staged facility. Rooms are kitted out with décor, furnishings, and even electronics that give potential buyers and renters a feel of home. Youve seen it on all the reality shows, and you might even have seen it in person at a local Open House.

Did you ever wonder where they got all that fancy furniture from? Well, sometimes, they buy the furniture. In such cases, the home buyer or renter has an option to take the space as is, including décor. But most of the time, the furniture is rented from staging companies. They specialise in short term rentals, and realtors can hold on to the furniture during house viewings, then take it back to the furniture store once the new home owner moves their stuff in.

How do you choose a good home staging service? First, select a team that has professional in-house stylists. After all, anyone can buy designer furniture and place it in their warehouse, ready for you to go and pick what you want. But a good home staging service goes beyond that. They have stylists and interior designers that can look at the house and come up with a suitable décor plan.

They can select pieces that bring out the best features of each room, and make the house come together as a perfect whole. Stylists can also work with a realtor to bring out the realtors desired theme. They can create an ideal buyer persona and stage the house in a way that appeals to that particular prospect, increasing the chances of sale.  

Another feature of a good staging service is hands-on involvement. Some services will invite you to the showroom and watch you shop. Others will go the extra step. Not only will they offer décor consultancy and offer you the best deal, but they will also help you with the installation. They will deliver your purchases to the property and help you install it all, placing things where they need to be. And once you have sold your property, they will come over to collect their furnishings, doing all the heavy lifting so that you dont have to worry about it.

The third and most important feature of a good home staging service is their timing. When they install your furnishings, they will be punctual and precise. When they collect their materials, they will be careful not to damage your property in the process. And when they are signing staging agreements, they will be clear on how long you can keep the furniture, allowing you to easily extend your lease in case the sales procedure takes longer than expected.

A good home staging operation understands how the real estate business works, and they will be patient with you, adjusting agreements within reason, and doing all they can to help you close that sale. And they will do it all in professional, transparent manner, with no hidden charges. As you search for a staging partner, be sure to keep these tips in mind, and good luck with your sale!