/Make Sure Your Banners are Easy to Move and Easy to Set Up

Make Sure Your Banners are Easy to Move and Easy to Set Up

When it comes to advertising at expos and exhibitions, banners have become the mainstay for marketers all over Australia. This is simply because banners often come with a great list of benefits that give them an edge over other advertising media. While smart TVs and giant high definition screens are known to provide amazing graphics, which may attract the eye of customers and clients, they also come with additional logistics, such as a need for power outlets and increased transportation costs. This makes them very cumbersome to drag around and set up at your local expo, especially if it is an outdoor event.  This is just but a foot forward for banners over the other media used in the advertisement.

That said, if you work with professional designers and manufacturers on your banners, you will find that your graphics can match up well to all your other tech and electronic display alternative options while still cutting down on extra costs. Moreover, many contemporary banners do not only look great but are also easy to transport as they can be folded into a small compact structure that is portable, easy to set up and easy to bring down at the end of your exhibition – with the easy step by step procedure of assembly and disassembly. You don’t need special support staff on the ground to help you with setup and maintenance of your displays: anyone can do it.

Banners come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the small DeskBug to the six-metre high banner options. In addition to that, different banner types such as, retractable banners, poster banners and the pull-up banners may be alternatives or supplementary options worth considering. Retractable banners, in particular, are a popular pick amongst marketers in Australia and the world over. Not to be confused with pull-up or drop-down banners, which are anchored to a point – maybe a wall or stand – and are dropped down from that singular point. The BannerBug retractable banners consist of a base unit which stores the graphic, making it extremely portable, easy to set up and protects the graphic from damage by dust, mould and manual.

These banners are free standing displays that do not need any additional mechanical support. Designed for stability, retractable banners withstand strong winds. Aside from that, the design can be modified to better suit any terrain, ranging from outdoors on a grassy field or concrete ground to wooden floors and interiors with finished floors.

What is to happen should the event be in the dark of late evenings and nights? That is not a problem at all. They can also be lit using overhead front lighting for ordinary banners that are one sided or backlit for double sided banners (with a hollow centre between the two sides) making them suitable even in the cover of darkness.

On top of that, they come with cases. These cases not only serve the purpose of portability or making the issue of transport easier and smoother, but some save the precious cargo from damage that would otherwise compromise on your advertisement, keeping your banner in tip top shape to be used and reused, however many times as possible. They may also serve to make packing and storage easier while maintaining the integrity of the banner

While the mentality may be the need and drive to get the biggest and loudest banners to attract the most eyes, failing to observe the maintenance of the advertisement media is crucial should one wish to save big time not only in initial cost but the cost in the long run. Thus, it may be wise to look into a variety of banner to find the one that suits the needs and conditions that may be required of the banner during the event by the business or organization. Tension fabric displays like the FabFrame are also worth considering because they are easy to set up, expand and stand. Its one-piece frame is very lightweight and holds a changeable, full colour fabric graphic and may definitely be what you need if you are looking for a banner that is easy to move and set up.