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Birthday Gift Hampers

My Clients Love These Birthday Hampers

When it comes to giving gift hampers during special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, a noticeable effort goes a long way. Gone are the days when you got someone a tie, a pair of socks, a sweater, or even cufflinks. Being the celebration of making it another year on this planet, birthdays are especially a big deal to most people. However, making an effort to gift someone does not have to cost an arm and a leg, and this is where gift hampers come in. The beauty of getting someone a gift basket is that it allows you to work within the general direction of what you know they like.

Since it contains a variety of items in it, you are essentially surprising them with something new every time they dig around. It becomes like a treasure hunt, where everything they find is exciting. They can also share the contents of the basket with someone they love, either during a cosy night in, or on a date. Gift baskets allow you to customise the contents to include either edible and non-edible items, or a combination of both, to match the preferences of the recipient. If you have a birthday to attend this year, here are some of the birthday hampers that have been a hit with most of my clients

The Ultimate Sweet Tooth

This particular one is a favourite for anyone who likes sweet things. It is a decadent infusion of homemade fudges, gourmet chocolates, and sweet biscuits that will have them remembering you for a long time. In fact, if you are feeling adventurous, you can include a bottle of champagne to kick it up a notch. This basket comes with Rich Chocolate and Walnut’s fudge which is definitely a great place to start. It also has the premium gift tin of milk choc chunk cookies from Byron Bay Cookie Company and the Macadamia Obsessions Mint from Duck Creek and a variety of dark chocolates from Zokoko Goddess that will have them licking every one of their fingers.

This is the perfect gift hamper is ideal for that special person to get them in the mood to celebrate their big day. All this is stylishly presented in a well put together basket that also contains tissue and a gift card. It is ten tied off with a ribbon.

Birthday Gift Hampers

The Barbecue Elite

If you know anyone who enjoys an afternoon grilling outside with friends before a big game on a Saturday, then you should pay attention to this one. It comes with a variety of beverages, including a bottle of Shiraz, a bottle of chardonnay, a bottle of an Australian beer of your choice and a bottle of European beer. It also comes with a barbecue apron with pockets and an assortment of 3 tools to get them going.

What would a barbecue be without jerky? This basket has a bag of beef jerky from Jack Links and a bag of Morish savoury nibbles. A bag of salted peanuts and another one with Smokey cheese nibbles are also included. All this is presented as a wicker basket tied off with a ribbon, with different colours to choose from.

The Winter is coming

Do you know anyone whose birthday falls during the cold months of winter? Then this is what you get them. It comes with original drinking chocolate from Vittoria and a Cadbury milk tray, both of which are great for a cold evening by the fire. It also has two types of Orange and Cointreau pudding from Ogilvie and Co, one with chocolate liqueur and another without. A honeycomb and chocolate pretzels from Whistler will definitely have them appreciating your effort. To top it all off, there are assorted flavours of coffee bags from Robert Timms and Twinnings tea bags to go with the two china mugs included. All this is packaged in a white tray, wrapped in cellophane and tied off with a ribbon for presentation. You can include a card with a personal message as well.

The Pamper Him Gift Hamper

This is perfect for your brother or your dad on his special day. As the name suggests, it is built around an evening of pampering in the home, with a fluffy and comfortable bathrobe and an all-in-one wash. The wash is made from all natural plant extracts and contains all the essential oils and vitamins to keep his skin looking supple and moisturized. This basket also includes a box of assorted indulgent milk and dark chocolate from Chocolatier to keep him entertained during a long soak or even after. All this is carefully packaged in a gift box that has tissues included.  It is then tied off with a coloured ribbon. You can pen a personal message to let them know how much they mean to you in the gift card included.

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