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My Favourite Gas Fireplace Models

The fight for the best fireplace changed dramatically with the entry of gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are a contemporary home heating solution with unparalleled advantages. Since the slot for the best fireplace is still open its important to look at what makes gas fireplaces a contender. Wood fireplaces were the first heating solutions in the market. Their reputation stretches centuries into the past and the fireplaces are still a popular option in many Australian homes. However, the search for an efficient and clean fuel for heating took inventors back to the drawing board. It wasn’t long before they invented gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces offer the best of both worlds with unmatched efficiency and clean energy. A wide variety of gas fireplaces are available on the market but only few stand out. Here are some of my favourite gas fireplace models.

The Lopi 564 G2S

When it comes to impeccable gas fireplace designs, very few models top the Lopi 564 G2S. It’s a sleek gas heater with a ravishing design to match its performance. The fireplace has a large viewing area that allows you to enjoy the flames and the heat. The viewing glass is 797mm wide by 460mm high. The gas fireplace augments the interior design of any room while generating enough heat to warm a small enclosure. The unit has an output of 4.34 Kw and a heating capacity of up to 90sqm. The burner utilises the modern dual burner Dancing- Fyre Greensmart 2, one of the latest applications in gas fireplaces. It also features stunning accent lights that set the cosy mood you need to enjoy your living space.

The Lopi 864 G2S Clean Face

More often than not bigger is better when it comes to fireplaces. If you have a large living space but you still want the warmth of a fireplace to keep you company during cold evenings, the 864 G2S is your best bet. The unit features an 864 square inch viewing area that gives a spectacular panoramic view of the gas flames. The fireplace can heat up extensive spaces of up to 125sqm. The output stands at a stunning 7.12kW. The flames can be controlled with the Comfort Control switch that comes as a standard feature.

The ProBuilder linear range

Linear fireplaces are sleek designs that are quickly gaining popularity around the world. They are a step away from traditional fireplaces. The sophisticated design of the gas fireplace is an architectural statement of elegance in a home. The Probuilder is an entry level linear gas model.  It’s available in three sizes.  The fireplace has standard features coupled with more benefits than any other valued priced linear gas fireplaces on the market. The gas linear fireplace is a reliable and economical way to heat a living space. The quite twin fans ensure that the heat distribution meet the heating capacity of 100 Sqm.

The Premium linear range

The premium linear range comes in three sizes 3615, 4415 and 6015. The units have a high heating capacity of up to 260 Sqm. The 6015 HO G2S is the largest in the Lopi premium linear range. It features a 1.5 metre flame with a large viewing glass. The 3615 is the smallest in the range. Despite its size the fireplace packs a heat output of 7.2kW with a heating capacity of 158 Sqm.  All linear fireplaces come with durable design coupled with unparalleled efficiency. As an option you can add media options including a traditional log, driftwood twig and stones.

The Freestanding Fireplaces

Freestanding fireplaces combine simplicity and functionality to deliver unique home heating solutions. They don’t require a surrounding enclosure building like other fireplaces. The 3 sided ceramic glass on the unit increase heat radiation and offer a unique 3D view of the flames. Despite their size, the units have a high heat capacity and come with beautiful accent lights. The freestanding fireplaces range from traditional designs to contemporary designs. They are a great design option for a minimalistic interior.

The gas inserts

Lopi gas inserts are a great solution for those who seek to transform their existing brick chimney into a gas fireplace. The units are designed for ease of installation into the masonry. They come with flexible flues and multiple face and finishing panels to fit the existing opening. The DVL and DVS are the premium models in the Lopi gas insert range and come with a variety of internal media options. The Radiant Plus Large is good for heating larger living spaces and comes with additional features like an electronic ignition system.

There are numerous gas fireplaces on the market. With proper research, you can find one that fits into your budget and caters to all your needs. If you are looking for great home heating solutions, a gas fireplace is the way to go.


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