/Why You Need to Make An Impression at Exhibitions

Why You Need to Make An Impression at Exhibitions

Exhibitions can be costly exercises; the time, effort, man-power and financial requirements needed to bring together your product and service offerings can all go to waste if you can’t get customers to notice or remember your stand.

Time and again we meet talented business owners with exceptional products and services undone by forgetting a key part of exhibiting: window dressing.

So how can you make an impression with your stand that outshines your competitors – no matter whether it’s a niche or full-blown industry exhibition?


how to make impressions in a Exhibition


Understand exactly what you’re showcasing

One of the major downfalls businesses find in exhibiting is feeling the need to bring everything, plus the kitchen sink, into the stand.

Yes, exhibiting can be expensive, but the best transactions you can have on your stall is with customers who a) understand what you’re offering, and b) are in some way ready to commit to a purchase.
For example, exhibitors selling niche fast moving consumer goods – like gluten free packaged food – will often only showcase their best sellers and then provide information or an online promotion for products not shown.

This approach means you can whittle down exactly how you want to be seen and what stand installation will suit you best.


Make it easy and rewarding for customers to swap details

Exhibitors that deal with bespoke or specialist products and services – such as personalised attire – regularly face the challenge of encouraging customer interaction.
Many overcome this by making it easy for guests to experience the products and leave details for follow-ups and brochures.
One way to do this is to have a display a portfolio of your greatest successes, and then use ample signage to direct guests to enter their details into an iPad or tablet for either a competition or promotional discount on their next order.


Take full advantage of the specifications of your plot

From a customer’s point of view, exhibitions can be daunting and confusing to navigate. Making it easy for guests to see your brand and understand your offering from a distance can mean the difference between a sale at your stand and a sale at a competitor’s.

If you can work with height, or you have a corner placement, using systems such as the x20 Trusswire (http://displaysystems.net.au/product/x20-trusswire/) can make your stand a visual standout.


Make it an experience

A visually inviting stand encourages customers to explore and remain at your stand for longer. In fact, the presence of an interested crowd can actually draw more people!

Using a risen floor, TV displays, fishbowl-like set-up, installations (e.g. kitchenettes) and quality furnishings can make a lasting positive impact and talking point for your potential customers.


Signage should be clean and crisp

Don’t fall into the trap of putting everything in one sign. Boiling it down to the basics will make it easier for customers to understand what you are offering and will bring only the most receptive to your stand.
For example, some supplement companies can keep it as simple as:

  • ABC Supplements
  • Meet Mr/Mrs Bodybuilding Pro 2016
  • 2 for 1 Specials, today only!


If you have something exciting to say, keeping it simple will also mean more customers can zero in on your stand from a distance!


Be the best version of yourself

Exhibiting can be exhausting, so avoid falling into bad habits that would otherwise make you memorable for the wrong reasons.

  • Avoid eating and drinking anything but water around customers
  • Dispose of all rubbish and unnecessary packing quickly
  • Keep your POS area clean
  • Make sure all staff are wearing identical uniform
  • Take regular short breaks to recharge