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New Year_ New Hairdo

New Year: New Hairdo

Sometimes, a fresh start is just what you need in life. Revamping your image can make you feel like a whole new person, and that’s precisely why we love experimenting with our look every New Years. What better way to make a statement than with some refreshed luscious locks? We’ve chosen some of our favourite hairdos for 2018 that you might not have considered trying before. Have fun with experimenting and just remember: a little change can be a good thing.

Go Short

One of the biggest hair statements of all time is the big chop. If you’ve had long hair for a long time, going short can be a scary thought. But you might be surprised by how much you love the results. While long hair can be fun to style, short bobs and pixie cuts can give you an air of confidence and sophistication. Sometimes we use our long locks as a security blanket, so removing this sense of protection can prove to be quite exhilarating. Getting short hair will push you to get creative with new styles and play around with makeup to reflect your new look.

Make it sharp

If you’re not quite ready for short locks, getting a blunt cut can be seen as the next stepping stone. A straight edge finish to your hair can look very chic, especially when paired with a pair of dramatic looking black sunnies. Channel your inner Anna Wintour with blunt edges, either at the ends of your hair, with bangs, or all over. A sharp-edged cut will make you look professional, fashionable and in control. What’s not to love?

Be bold with colour

Maybe you’re the type of person who gets ‘the usual’ at the hairdresser. A longstanding blondie who checks into the salon every six weeks for another set of highlights, or an ombre queen who likes to keep things low maintenance. Even if you’re happy with your hair colour routine, asking for a new shade or tone – no matter how strong or subtle – will keep you looking and feeling fresh. It’s time to step out your comfort zone of honey blonde and ask for an ashy tone. A dark brunette might like to experiment with new colour by asking for a red hue. A redhead might consider going for a strawberry blonde with a hint of rose gold. Play around with the colours that suit your complexion and don’t be afraid to ask your hair stylist for their opinion.

Get bangs

Whether you’re after soft and sweeping or thick and full, playing around with bangs is a great way to update your image. The best style of bangs for you will depend on your face shape, so try to find out if your face is more of a heart, oval, square, or round shape before asking for your hairdresser to cut bangs. A heavy fringe can look great on one person, but it can make another’s face look fuller. Long sweeping bangs that frame the face can look pretty on one person, whereas they might accentuate a large forehead on another. You get the picture. The right bangs are out there for everyone, you just need to consider how willing you will be to style your fringe, and ultimately how suited each style is.


Get styling

If you’re not interested in making any drastic changes to your cut or colour, why not play around with some new hairstyles? Maybe you’d like to try adding a few small plaits into tousled locks or experiment with a sophisticated looking up-do for your next night out. You’ll be amazed by how satisfying a new hairstyle can be, especially when you manage to achieve a new look all on your own! Pick your favourite Youtube channel and go crazy with the hair and beauty blogs next year! You might find the inspiration to try a new colour or style in the process.

We hope these suggestions will encourage you to try something new in 2018 – after all, a new hairdo can make you feel like a new person!

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