/Quantity VS Quality Sex

Quantity VS Quality Sex

What’s your number? It’s not just a cheesy rom-com featuring Anna Faris and Chris Evans from 2011; it’s also a question that has probably popped up a few times in your life, asked by partners and close friends over the years. How many sexual partners is too much? Just right? How much is too little?

The quantity of sex in your life also can be measured in how often you have sex, with the same partner or multiple partners. How often do you think the neighbours are doing it? You know exactly how many times Brad’s done it this week because he’s an over-sharer. How often are you doing it?

However, despite how much chat goes on about how much sex people are having it’s important to remember that it’s not about how much you are getting, it’s about how good it is!

So while Brad’s getting mediocre sex about 4 or 5 times a week with a couple of different people, if you’re having sex with your girlfriend once a week – and it’s amazing – who is really winning here? And while we’re on the topic, why should it be competitive at all? Damn Brad, it’s his fault, as usual.

The Quantity VS Quality Sex

Quality sex is the best sex. It’s when you connect completely with your partner when you’re completely in sync. You may or may not come together, but you are both feeling totally amazing. It might be just a quickie, or it may be hours of play. The best quality of sex is often when you are deeply in love with your partner too, for that connection thing, or it might be at the start of a new relationship when you’re deeply in lust with the other person.

For me, I’d much rather take that one amazing session over 10 mediocre ones any day. The levels of hormones rushing through your body and the way that it makes you feel is just amazing. In fact, I’d even taken a tip from Brad about prolonging sex – by taking some medicine to help me on the odd occasion.

Instead of a shorter lovemaking session I can go for longer and please my partner more in bed – and it absolutely drives her wild – which makes me even more excited! We both bounce off each other for even hours at a time, which is an amazing experience in itself. So at least all your sex tales are good for something there, Brad.

So, it really doesn’t matter how many people you sleep with, or how often you are knocking boots. What matters is having that amazing time together. When your whole body is alight. When you are completely intoxicated with your partner and the experience. It’s not just about coming, not just about having an orgasm. It’s about the complete experience. And it should be as magical as possible.

Now I’m not saying that me and my girlfriend have magical sex every time. Sometimes it’s just some fun light relief for the both of us and we all have had times when we have experienced some level of sexual dysfunction. But there are times that we have where there is nothing in the world I would want more. I’d rather have that kind of sex that 10 million dollars. To experience something so unique and so amazing is seriously the best thing in the world.

So, Brad, you can take your “10/10 hotties” and your late night sex sessions. I don’t think you’re having anywhere near as much of a good time as I could be having. When you have quality sex, it doesn’t matter how often you’re getting it because it beats getting it all the time any day.

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