/How to Select A Trustworthy Cleaner

How to Select A Trustworthy Cleaner

Chores are a pain, but they dont have to be. The set-up of 21st century living allows us to outsource everything from our food preparation to our dishes. While a lot of household tasks can be done by machine, there is still a human element needed. And luckily for us, we can now hire someone to do that too!

Home cleaning agencies have become quite popular in the recent past. They offer professional, thorough domestic services on demand. And these cleaning services can be very specific. You can get someone to handle your carpet, upholstery, laundry, floors, windows, cars, anything you need. You can ask them to come every week, every two weeks, or twice a year for spring and winter cleaning.

The main challenge with cleaning services is feeling safe with them. There is a reasonable amount of unease involved in giving strangers free reign of your house. They will be interacting with some of your most personal (and expensive) items, so its only natural to be a little worried. That said, the cleaning business is thriving, so it must be doing something right. Still, there are a few steps you can take to set your mind at ease.

Steps to Hire A Trustworthy Home Cleaners

Step-1: Ask People

Generally speaking, the first step you might take when getting a cleaning service is to ask people you know. It could be your neighbours, family members, or distant social groups. They will recommend the services that they use and will tell you what they like or dislike about the services. This is a great way to dip your feet in and find out what youre getting into.

Step-2: Search Online

If you dont have an active network in your neighbourhood, you might go online to find cleaning services in your area. The same rule applies here. Just like asking your friends and acquaintances, youll want to ask previous customers what they think of this service.

Step-3: Check Testimonial From Other Resources

Most cleaning websites have testimonials on them, but these tend to be biased. After all, nobody in their right mind would post a negative review on their own website. So instead of asking the business, ask the customers. Do a quick Google search of complaints and compliments targeted at that specific cleaning company. You could even ask the question on your personal social media feed or in online groups. Youll get more accurate feedback than you would from their website.


How To Select A Trustworthy Cleaners


Step-4: Check The Services Provided By The Cleaning Company

Next, go back to the website and check the specific services they offer. Do they have what youre looking for? If you have any specific needs that are not listed on the website, you could get in touch with the company and ask if the offer it. Make a quick list of cleaning questions, based on your personal concerns.

Step-5: Send Your Query To Them Regarding Their Service

Maybe youd like to know how they deal with pets, or whether they need you out of the house as they clean. You might ask how many cleaners they will send over, how long cleaning sessions take on average, or whether they use organic cleaning products. Whatever your concerns are, bring them up and observe how they are handled. Thorough, friendly responses are always a good sign. Trite, dismissive answers, not so much.

Step-6: Ask Them About Insurance

One of the most important matters – and one that is easily overlooked is insurance. Our world is becoming increasingly litigious, so it helps to protect yourself and your home. Find out from the cleaning service whether their employees are covered. If possible, ask exactly what the cover includes. Youd like them to be insured against injury in your home so that if the cleaners inadvertently hurt themselves while they work, you wont be asked to pay for it.

Of course, this is not a license to manhandle your cleaners. Trust goes both ways after all. But if a cleaner happens to fall off a ladder while scouring your chimney, you dont want to get stuck with the bill. You should also check if the cleaning service has insurance for theft and property damage. This reverses the situation. If your valuables disappear or your stuff gets broken while they clean, youll feel much better knowing the cleaning service will take responsibility, because this means the cleaners will be more careful with your things.

Step-7: Ask Regarding The Relationship Between Cleaners and Company

The last thing you need to ask is the relationship between the cleaners and the company. Some companies have in-house staff, while others have freelancers and contract workers. So when you get the cleaning service documents, look at it carefully, and ask whether the cleaner is employed by the company or by you, the home owner/house resident. This is very important, because if you are listed as the direct employer, then you are responsible for anything that goes wrong (or right) including injury and payment. In such cases, the cleaning service has no liability.

As you select a cleaning service for your home, consider the items above, and keep in mind one last thing. Time-keeping is a big definer of trust, so check whether your cleaners and their bosses are punctual. You might not know this before they reach your house, but there are other hints. The speed with which they reply emails or return calls is a great indicator of efficiency and respect for other peoples time.