/Stain removal is a breeze with car detailers
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Stain removal is a breeze with car detailers

A car is a prized possession for many people. On average car owners spend at least three hours in their vehicles daily. This translates to a duration shy of a day a week. Therefore, it’s prudent to keep your car clean. However, keeping a car clean is not as simple as it sounds. Those who have tried to clean their cars alone can attest to this. Getting the right cleaning products and equipment to reach all the stains in your car exterior and interior is a daunting task. Fortunately, professional car detailers are experts at stain removal.


Exterior Stain Removal

A vehicle’s exterior is vulnerable to an array of stains. Although the tough exterior paint offers protection to exterior surfaces, there are some stains that are unavoidable. However, simple stain removal techniques can be effective. Here are some of the common tough stains that feature on vehicles exterior surface.

Scuff marks

These are among the most frustrating stains to discover on your vehicle. Scuff marks are black streaks usually left behind by materials made of hard rubber. More often scuff marks are made when another vehicle scrapes yours. If your car has a bright paint, the mark stands out. Scuff marks are hard to remove since you risk ruining your paint. Car detailers use solutions that lift the scuff marks off the original paint to prevent damage while cleaning. The process is simple and your paint job remains unharmed. There are numerous solutions offered by different people on how to do a DIY restoration of an exterior surface with scuff marks. However, if you are not certain, call expert detailers to remove scuff marks.

Foreign paint

Sometimes you may come across foreign paint on your vehicle. Paint stains are among the toughest to deal with. If you pass road stripping paint crews, you may pick up such stains. The best solution is always to avoid such stains but if you do get them, call in an expert car detailer. The unfortunate thing about paint stains is that they rely on the paint job on your car. If your paint is soft, the stain removal process has to be handled delicately to prevent damage to your original paint. Detailers use special equipment to remove the stain but if all fails, you might need to repaint your car.


Interior Stain Removal

The interior of a car is usually delicate and has one of the toughest stains. Stain removal depends on the material that covers your car interior. Leather and cloth have different cleaning methods. The door panels, the roof and the boot also present another hurdle when it comes to cleaning. Nonetheless, stain removal is possible and depends on the type of stain.

Food Spills

Food spills are among the most common stains found on car interiors. Usually, it’s important to act fast once food has spilled on your car seat. Clean the stain with a paper towel before it set, however, if you are too late its best to call in a professional car detailer. Food stains that have set on your car seat are cleaned using special solutions. The approach to leather and cloth upholstery is different. Once the stain is removed the seat is thoroughly inspected to ensure that no water stains are left on it.


The back of the front seats is a common spot for mud stains. If you have young playful children, your seats are in more risk of getting harsh mud stains. Cleaning out mud is not as simple as wiping the stain. You may spread the stain and make it worse, therefore, it’s prudent to let the experts handle it. The good thing is mud is among the easiest stains to remove if you have the right equipment and materials. The interior door panels are also vulnerable to mud stains, therefore, a thorough interior detailing is necessary after carrying numerous passengers in the rain season.

How your interior is cleaned depends heavily on the material that makes up your cabin. Polyester upholstery is prone to stains and dirt. The material is not waterproof therefore the cleaning process has to be handled meticulously to prevent water stains from covering the seats. Vinyl upholstery, on the other hand, is non-porous and waterproof. You can simply wipe down any stain on it but special solutions are used for tougher stains. Faux leather upholstery gives you the look of leather but the price of vinyl. Cleaning it is simple but special solutions are available to remove tough stains on it. Finally, leather upholstery requires professional hands to clean it. Expert detailers use special solutions to remove stains on leather. The drying process is also monitored for the best results.

If you get a stain on your car, act fast and contact a professional car detailer.


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