/Start Planning Your 2019 Corporate Events With These Tips

Start Planning Your 2019 Corporate Events With These Tips

1. Product Launch

If you’re in the business where you create new and exciting products then a product launch will definitely be on the calendar. If you’re planning on showcasing the product at an expo or in a store here are some interesting things you can use when setting up.

The X10-Crosswire is an affordable display stand that doesn’t need tools when setting up. It can be used with any product and is flexible when deciding how you want it to look and display. The standard colour is black but other colours are available on request. There is even software that you can download called X-Sketch which you can use to design your very own exhibition stand.

Webloc Edge Pop-Up is a new pop up display that uses tension fabric and a portable light box with Silicon Edge Graphics. The tension fabric is printed using a dye sublimation process and is sewn around the edges with a thin silicone strip. When the fabric is finished the edges are inserted into a recessed groove that runs around the perimeter of the framing system. The result is a frameless appearance, that perfectly displays the graphic on taut fabric from one edge to the other. It comes with a padded carry bag that has wheels and also has front lit lights available on request.

Adsail are teardrop flags that are available in two sizes, 2.4m and 3.5m and comes with the option of a ground spike, wall mount or weighted metal feet. Which means it can be used both outdoors and indoors. After you’ve had your product launch you can reuse it either outside or inside your business.

2. Meetings

Sometimes during meetings, you meet new people who are unfamiliar with your business. This is the best time to show off your work is all about.

BannerBuddy is the perfect banner to display in the board room. It is not overbearing and just enough to get the people attending your meeting interested in what you have to offer. It is affordable, single sided and non-retractable, with a sleek and modern appearance. When you’ve finished your meeting you can always move it to the entrance of your office or shop for people who walk by to see.

3. Seminars and Expos

Seminars and expos are always a lot of fun to plan. There are many ways to get the idea of your product across, it just depends on the way you want to do it.

The Zig-Zag is a brochure holder that you can place at the entrance when people come in to attend your seminar. It has a simple and elegant design that is sturdy in appearance and form. The stand can expand in seconds and fits an A4 brochure. It comes with a carry bag which makes it easy to travel with, especially because it collapses and can be transported wherever your next seminar will be.

MARQ is a premier marquee that is designed to protect you from the sun and looking professional while doing it. Its main feature is that the canopy, awning, side and rear curtains can all be completely custom designed for your needs. So your marquee will basically be one large advertisement. It is lightweight and can easily be set up in minutes. The frame is made from anodised aluminium and is anchored to the ground by water tanks or tent pegs, so you’ll know when the wind picks up that you won’t go flying off with your marquee.

When you’ve decided on everything you need for your corporate events, remember to have fun. When you love what you do, only a day here and there will feel like work.

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