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Rattan Furniture

Styling with Rattan Furniture

When prospective buyers evaluate a home, the first thing they see is your outdoor space. If you want to sell your property fast and at the right value, you need to spruce up your backyard, and there’s no better way than investing in rattan furniture. Even your realtor can attest to this smart property styling move.

What is Rattan Furniture?

Rattan furniture is made using woven rattan vines. It’s mainly used for making outdoor furniture. Notably, it can be natural or synthetic.

Unlike other natural products, rattan isn’t suitable for all types of weather. Excessive exposure to the sun causes bleaching, which affects the colour. When exposed to rain, the water gets trapped in the weaves, promoting mould and mildew.

Contrarily, synthetic rattan is more resilient to adverse weather conditions. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Why You Should Purchase Rattan Furniture

Wondering whether to get some rattan furniture for your outdoor space? This furniture is ideal because of the following reasons.


One of the primary reasons why people love rattan furniture is because they’re stylish. These pieces have an attractive appearance that won’t go out of fashion for many years. 

Additionally, rattan furniture comes with cushions, allowing you to choose a fabric that showcases your taste. They’re also available in several colours, which includes different shades of black, brown, and grey.


Natural rattan furniture is renowned for its strength and durability. Provided you don’t expose it to rain, this furniture can last for many years. 

However, the durability of synthetic rattan depends on the material used in its construction. Generally, these pieces don’t last as long as natural rattan.

Lightweight Design

Unlike wooden furniture, rattan is highly portable because of its lightweight design. This means that you can move them around to change the outlook of your outdoor space without a hassle. 

Despite being lightweight, rattan furniture has remarkable strength. Even if you move it often, it isn’t likely to break.


Natural rattan is an environmentally friendly material. First, it is bio-degradable, as it decomposes when it’s no longer in use. Second, its lightweight nature means that it produces a small carbon footprint when being transported from its native Southeast Asia to other parts of the world.

Synthetic rattan is also eco-friendly. Since it’s thermoplastic, it can be recycled and moulded into another shape when melted.

Taking Care of Rattan Furniture

If you want your furniture to last, here are the steps you should observe.

Shield Against Harsh Weather

Ideally, you should keep your furniture indoors, away from direct sunlight and rain. Natural rattan fades when exposed to the sun and grows mould when it gets wet. Contrarily, synthetic rattan isn’t affected by the sun or rain.

Clean Regularly

Rattan furniture is easy to clean. Ensure that you wipe them with a dry cloth after cleaning to prevent damage caused by moisture. 

Notably, natural rattan requires more maintenance than its synthetic counterpart.

Purchase a Cover

Covering your furniture protects it from general wear and tear, as well as the sun and rain. Additionally, covers ensure that you don’t have to clean the furniture often.

Wash Cushions Regularly

Cushions usually get dirty faster than the furniture itself. For this reason, you need to wash them regularly. Most of them can be cleaned using washing machines, but ensure that you read the label first.

Final Words

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or upgrade it to make it more attractive, investing in rattan furniture is a wise move. These pieces are not only stylish, but they are also eco-friendly and durable. With proper care, they can outlast wooden furniture.

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