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Swimming Pool Accessories Every Pool Owner Must Have

Owning a pool means you have to invest in several accessories to enhance your swimming experience and maintain the pool. Here are some of the must-have swimming pool accessories.


Shock is an essential chemical to have on hand. It’s a high dose chlorine designed to ‘shock’ the pool water and kill bacteria that survive the average chlorine concentration in pool water.

Unlike chlorine tabs, shock quickly increases the chlorine level in the pool water. However, a combination of the two is necessary for optimal effect since the tabs maintain the residual chlorine concentration and prevent quick dissipation of the chlorine shock.

It’s recommended to shock the pool at least once a week. However, if you have hot weather, rainstorms or a high number of pool users, you may have to shock your pool more frequently.

The chlorine shock will clear your pool water and treat mild cases of algae.

Test Strips

You will only know which chemical to add to your pool water through a test strip. Therefore, it’s essential to test your pool water at least once a week to keep it clean and bacteria-free.

Testing is simple. You only need to wet the test strip and wait a few seconds for the results. The strip is colour coded, and a colour chart indicates the different levels for the different chemicals.

The strips test alkalinity, pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, cyanuric acid, total hardness and bromine (if you use it in place of chlorine). The results will help you determine which chemicals to add.

Remember, your pool should not have a strong odour. If it smells like chemicals or a pond, you need to test and treat it.

Pool Covers

Since pools have seasonal use, pool covers are a must-have accessory to protect your pool. There are several types of pool covers. Here are the most popular;

  1. Winter Pool Covers come in handy when Winter hits and temperatures drop drastically. Moreover, the cover prevents accidents.
  2. Leaf Covers offer protection against leaves and snow. This makes opening an above ground swimming pool easy when Spring hits, especially in areas with extensive tree cover.
  3. Solar Blankets are designed to lie on the water when the pool is not in use. They prevent evaporation and also raises the temperature of the water by as much as 15°C. As a result, you can comfortably use the pool later in the Fall and earlier in Spring.


A skimmer is a flat net attached to a long pole used to clear out debris floating on the pool water. It’s excellent for removing flower petals, leaves and insects on the water surface. You can also use the skimmer to retrieve pool toys left in the pool.

The long pool that holds the skimmer has interchangeable heads, including a leaf bag head and a brush head.


As mentioned earlier, one of the heads that can fit on the multipurpose pole is a brush. Brushes are used to clean the pool surfaces. They clear out algae and other contaminants that stick on the side walls.

Brushes come in different varieties for concrete, plaster and vinyl pool surfaces. Some brushes also feature a magnetic edge to retrieve metallic objects like jewellery.

Manual Vacuum

It would be best if you had a manual vacuum to clean out your pool. It’s great for both general cleaning and spot cleaning. The design of the vacuum allows it to reach all corners of the pool with ease. The vacuum head often comes separately from the pole and hose, but you can use your skimmer pole as a substitute.

Once you have these pool accessories, you are good to go. Therefore, don’t forget to make the purchases.

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