/The Best Cold Weather Pizza Options

The Best Cold Weather Pizza Options

In the summer months, we can sometimes feel like it’s scorching hot and that we can’t wait for winter to roll around. And yet, when winter comes, we curse it out – cause it’s so damn cold! Over winter we often swap up our eating habits. After all, we want to eat warming foods, and let’s be honest, salad ain’t it. In winter, it’s all about feeling satisfied, and one way to feel satisfied is with food – especially if it helps to keep us warm in the cold.

So, what types of pizzas are good to warm up with over the winter months? Let’s check them out to see some popular choices with pizza customers over winter.

Something hearty

We’ve all heard that hearty stews and soups are popular options at homes and in restaurants during the colder months. This is because they’re so warming, filling, and rich, too. They’re often cooked for hours on a stovetop and contain a large amount of ingredients and spices, as well as a tender cooked meat. If you’re after a hearty pizza option, then you’ll definitely want to choose something with meat on it – unless you’re vego of course!

Pizzas such as a meat deluxe, with chorizo, hot salami and smoked ham is a popular all-meat choice. Adding extra protein to your diet over winter can help to warm you up.

The deluxe options often are chock full of toppings, with feta, hot salami, fresh lemon, Kalamata olives, mushroom, smoked ham, Spanish onion, garlic marinated prawns, and cheese makes for a delicious, filling and hearty meal.

Something nostalgic

When it’s winter we can often get a little down – the winter blues it can be called, and it’s quite common! To cheer you up, it’s good to choose to do something nostalgic, something that reminds you of your childhood. And then good news is, you can invoke nostalgia with pizza, fancy that!

Think back to your childhood… Were you the kids who were munching away on the Tropical pizza, with its ham, cheese, and pineapple? For some reason, you’re either a pineapple on pizza lover or you aren’t – am I right? And if you like pineapple on your pizza you probably like it on your burger, too – another Aussie special, along with beetroot.

Or perhaps you always got into the Aussie pizza, with egg, ham, onion, and bacon? This is the way we do pizza in Australia, although some traditional Italian pizzas are also enjoyed with an egg atop, did you know?

And then there’s always the fussy eater, who only ever wanted Margherita… Just with loads of delicious mozzarella and a simple tomato base. Maybe you’ve even grown up into an adult who loves adding extra cheese to everything, too!

Something spicy

Of course, the most obvious way to heat yourself up with pizza over winter is by choosing a spicy option! Chilli and spices can help to warm our bodies from the inside out, and as long as there’s not too much chilli we can avoid the dreaded burning mouth! Whether it’s chilli flakes, chilli sauce, spicy meats, or jalapeños, there’s more than one way to heat up a meal.

Looking for some spicy winter pizza options? There’s the Mexican, which along with capsicum, ham, Kalamata olives, and cheese features chilli flakes, hot salami, and jalapeños. Best washed down with a cold margarita (no, not the Margherita pizza!) this one.

Or how about the Hot and Spicy, with beef, onion, capsicum, cheese, and hot chilli sauce, and hot salami, another traditional style pizza that packs a punch when it comes to chili.

Perhaps the Peri-Peri Chicken, with caramelised onion, cheese, chicken, feta, fresh lemon, roast capsicum, spring onion, and of course, Peri-Peri sauce? Or our fave Aussie meat, the Spicy Lamb pizza, with baby spinach, cheese, feta, fresh lemon, Spanish onion, Greek yoghurt featuring spicy lamb and jalapeños?

There’s a winter warmer pizza for everyone.