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The Importance of Exercise For Kids

Regular exercise is about much more than strenuous workouts at a gym in Sydney. For children, it could be as simple as an outdoor play date with their friends. Children are generally more active than adults and can cover several workouts during their regular playtime.  Climbing trees and monkey bars covers strength training while chasing each other around covers cardio.

Many people can attest that regular exercise has immense benefits for both children and adults. Yet, they find it challenging to start and maintain a regular exercising routine. Encouraging children to participate in physical activities makes it easier for them to exercise regularly when they are older.  

With the adoption of modern culture and social trends, children tend to spend more time indoors. The popularity of television shows, computer games and mobile devices are rising all over the world. These forms of passive entertainment stimulate children to enjoy themselves without being physically active. This article highlights some of the key reasons for encouraging children to exercise regularly.

Regular Exercise is Healthy

The World Health Organization (W.H. O.) promotes regular exercise, rest and a healthy diet as the primary defence against non-communicable diseases (NCD). NCDs are diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension and several types of cancer. The occurrence of these diseases in children is rising at alarming rates.

Regular exercising enables children’s bodies to burn excess fat and eliminates toxins more efficiently. The build-up of fat and toxins supports the development of several illnesses. As such regular exercise is essential when avoiding childhood obesity and other NCDs.

Helps to Discover Hidden Talents

It is easy to identify children’s hidden talents when they are playing together. Physical games create a platform for children to explore their abilities and discover their strengths.

Discovering talents and interests has helped many athletes to focus on specific sports from an early age. This is true for some of the most iconic sports personalities of all time. This includes golfers, footballers, boxers, gymnasts, runners and tennis players among others.

Parents and guardians can use these discoveries to help the children develop their talents further. This can be through taking them for swimming classes, joining a gymnastics club or signing up for boxing training in Sydney.

Development of Essential Life Skills

Regular exercise helps to develop valuable skills and virtues that can be difficult to teach in other settings. These are elements such as patience, self-discipline, determination, resilience, courage and others.

Children easily learn to follow clear set routines. A regular consistent exercise program can develop a spirit of commitment and self-discipline in most children.

It takes time to make visible progress when you are engaged in any type of training activity. Children learn to appreciate the value of small cumulative improvements. This is a rare element in today’s fast-paced society. They can learn the value of patience and delayed gratification.

There are many more benefits of regular exercise for children that cannot be covered in a single article. These include the development of intelligence, teamwork, endurance and others.

The easiest way to develop a habit of regular exercise in children is to start from their areas of interest. For some, it may be playing sports while for others it may be dancing or gymnastics. Yet for others, it may be running around in the park with their friends. Whatever the case, there are several programs and clubs designed to harness any child’s abilities.

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