/The Power of Your Hair

The Power of Your Hair

There’s something truly powerful about a person’s hair or lack thereof. Indeed, in some ancient societies and cultures, one’s hair was even believed to be the seat of the soul, and to possess magical attributes. Even today, it is indisputable that hair still possesses a different, more subtle form of magic. The evolution of hair has been the crux of male and female beauty and an identifier of époques in popular culture in the last millennium, most apparent in the last century alone. Ironically, looking back at some of these hairstyles, which were a gold standard of attractiveness, one cannot help but wonder; What were these people thinking?

Contemporary culture has embraced an eclectic approach to hairstyles. Hairdressing services are getting better, more innovative and more crucial with the return of many different hairstyles from the past. Although some styles are prevalent, now, more than ever, our hair is not merely an expression of the status quo, but a statement of personal style. As long as there is effort to keep one’s hair healthy, sanitary and decent, you can go for almost anything with your hairstylist, and it will look great! Consequently, it is imperative that you choose a hair salon where you can be sure that you will not only get the best cut but the best overall service.

Hair speaks

Without question, is one of the most expressive aspects of one’s identity. It is in constant conversation with other people, as a social and political mouthpiece. More importantly, it also has a voice that seeks to tell oneself about what is happening in one’s own body. For example, thinning of hair would probably shout that you need to switch out your diet for one with nutrients. Greying of hair, retarded growth and shedding may exclaim of stress or even more significantly, a mental health disorder. Protein deficiencies, excess exposure to sunlight, anaemia and hormone imbalances would be some of the favourite exposés your hair is capable of giving. It follows that since your hair is an especially slow and quiet litmus test for your physiology, the best person to see these things would most probably be you hairdresser.

Listen to your hairstylist

Based on the scrutinous attention that only your hairdresser can give, they are the best people to advise on what the best routine is you keep your hair healthy, while at the same time making it look as spectacular as it possibly can. Of course, this advice will be based on what they can tell about your hair’s current state coupled with your own previous experiences with your hair. This then gives valuable insights on areas like; how you can customize your hair cut to best complement the shape of your face, how often you should shampoo your hair, what hair products and tools you should use and how, as well as how often your appointments should be.

Since your hair is such a powerful aspect of your identity, get to know how best to make it reflect you, the real you. This is what your hair salon is here for. With this personalized attention you can then come up with goals for your hair, and in this way, it can actualize its full potential.

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